Monday, November 29, 2010

a trip down memory lane

Christmas is just around the corner. In years past, I've had friends and family members request certain photos from my archives. They wanted prints either for themselves or to give as gifts. This year, I decided that I'd make the opportunity available to all. So many people have traveled through Europe. So many have experienced what I've experienced. Pictures from places we've been or places we want to go help to foster happy feelings of excitement or refresh older memories of times gone by.

I took a walk down memory lane as I was gathering my archived images and getting them ready to post on instaproofs. Go now and check them out! But since you're here, I want to post a few of my favorites for you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

welcome to the world of blogging

Often many of you have asked why I don't keep up with a blog? Well here's the honest truth... I've started at least a dozen blogs. I own several different blog addresses (most of which I don't even remember...) All I can recall is "oh there was this one blog, way back when, at one time in my life when I wrote about something seemingly profound" and then it was over. One blog, one post, never touched again.

Perhaps many of you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's so hard to actually start blogging. It's so hard to start anything sometimes. I'm an official procrastinator.. who isn't all that official and who actually isn't as good at procrastinating as she maybe should be. I'm too on top of things and then not enough. I know that this post may seem like a bit of a paradox, but that's exactly my point. And it's why (up until this juncture in my life) I have been unsuccessful at blogging about anything, let alone about my photography.

Although, I'll admit that I can't take all credit for where I am now. In part, I owe my current state of being to my wonderful husband, who is so much the opposite of me. He's analytical, super detailed, methodical, as well as gifted in the ways of the webbed world. He's the mastermind behind my new website (see it at and he's the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm slightly obsessed, but honestly, I have every right to be. I'm one lucky girl to have such a devoted, dedicated and supportive husband. Secondly, a big shout-out has got to go to Jenna (from q. a. design... see her blog here: ( ) Even though I changed my mind on her several times, had her taking two steps back for every one step forward, she worked a miracle and got my blog right where it needed to be. Thanks Jenna!

So here we go. Let's let the blog roll!

Friday, November 26, 2010

meet the photographer

I do what I love and love what I do. At the awesome and awkward age of 13, I was given my very first camera. I loved documenting life and thrived off of sharing these images with others. My camera helped me to relate to the world around me. Helped me to discover my inner voice. Helped me to impact the world in the most productive way possible to me. The union of Carolee and camera has been a special one ever since.

Moving from the awkwardness of junior high years, I got lost in the high school darkroom. I thrived off of the new-found knowledge that came with the process of creating the light-written image. It was enjoyment and creativity in its purest form.

Not a lot of people know exactly what they want to study before they even go to college... but I was set with a plan and fell into it head-first at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Overloaded with an average of 21 credits my first two years, I lived-ate-breathed photography. I spent that following summer in Manhattan, working with Jon Moe. And came home more determined than ever that I needed to share my unique artistic vision with the world--my way.

So I ran away to Paris. And, like Sabrina, found exactly what I was looking for. My camera (affectionately referred to at that point in my life as my third appendage) never left my side. I was high from every moment I spent capturing the gorgeous light all around me in France. The work from those early days of discovery are the foundation upon which everything i now do is built.

And so it was that I graduated with my degree in Fine Art Photography. I love the subtleties of the art of photography. Every time I take my camera in my hand to photograph I experience the moment so fully. I give my all to what I do... and so, in essence, I give my all to every one of you. You are my audience. My clients. My friends.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned through this process: it’s that photography, to me, is all about relationships. And that’s what really matters.