Monday, December 13, 2010


So I'm totally biased... but I have the most adorable nieces and nephews ever!! Hands down, no contest.

Here's proof:

Brighton Mercedes.

Things I absolutely adore about Brighton:

1. The way she says my name. It honestly brings a natural smile to her face and her voice is just sooooo cute!

2. How articulate and brilliant she is. It's obvious. By spending even 5 minutes with her, you know she's bright and smart and fun.

3. How sensitive she is. She knows when people are happy or angry. And she likes to cuddle.

4. The way she answers the question: "Who is your favorite Uncle?" Every time, without fail the answer is always: "Uncle Bit!" (Bit is Britton's nickname).

5. How she was so sad when we were leaving the other night that she almost cried, but when we told her she could come with she was ready and headed out the door before we were.

There are so many other reasons why she's adorable, but I'll let these pictures do the rest. :) sure do love her!


  1. Beautiful pictures of a charming girl!
    I love looking at your blog.

  2. love the pic of her in your chair.