Monday, December 27, 2010

Chelsea + Keith, 12.21.2010

By far the weather was the best of the week. I took note... every other day it was rain and sleet... but on the 21st, there was a fresh blanket of snow. It was still super wet and freezing cold, but you don't feel the coldness when you look at a picture.

Chelsea had her winter wonderland wedding, and I was lucky enough to document it. It's not every day that the bride and groom, along with their families, all fly into a location for the wedding. But the Salt Lake Temple has special meaning to these two families, so it was trip worth making.

The day started out in downtown Salt Lake. Vanessa Hill came to her hotel to do her hair and makeup. I've known Vanessa for awhile and have had the pleasure of working with her before. In fact... she did my hair and makeup for my own wedding :)

After the ceremony, we naturally took pictures of their families. To see more of those images go to my facebook page.

But here, in this space I will post just a few more of my favorites (shot with my beautiful contax 645 of course). Chelsea and Keith are so in love! It's always fun photographing a couple that has such natural chemistry and one that is so comfortable together. You could tell that even though they were tired, they were simply elated to finally be married.

Congratulations Keith and Chelsea! It was awesome to be a part of your special day!