Friday, December 10, 2010

the 12 days of Christmas love

So I love love love Christmas time. When you're newly married, it's understandable that you can't have every single decoration that you want... That the best decorated homes happen over time. It's a collection of this and that... making the whole.

Last year (our first Christmas), we didn't have stockings, we didn't have a tree skirt, and we borrowed all the ornaments for our tree. This year, I made our tree skirt and am in the process of making our stockings. We're building our tree ground up. We have our own ornaments. Some are from Latvia, others are homemade, others we've gathered since getting married. But honestly, I love it. We got our tree this week and are getting ready to get it all decorated today. I can't wait.

While searching for inspiration online, I found more than inspiration. I found a true Christmas wish. ONE DAY I will have these. They're found at Pottery Barn and they're so beautiful. They're perfect.

The Twelve Days of Christmas... in ornaments. Could they be any more perfect? They're beautiful!

Seriously... if these ornaments just so happened to show up at my house, I'd be thrilled. Eventually they will be mine. love.


  1. One of the best wedding shower gifts doug and I received was a set of 12 red heart ornaments. we still use them. Along with the paper doily doves we made for our first tree--they are a bit raggedy now, but have such good memories that I still hang them every year (23 years later!).

  2. Christmas ornaments are so fun! I love that you still have your first ornaments. Our tree is missing these beautiful 12 days of Christmas ornaments, but it's still beautiful. With even some home-made ornaments. I'll take pictures and post soon. Just spray painted some pinecones gold and hung them on the tree. they look really cool!

  3. I have these if you are interested

    1. Hi. I know this is a long shot but do you still have the pottery barn 12 days of christmas ornaments?

    2. Hi. I know this is a long shot but do you still have the pottery barn 12 days of christmas ornaments?