Saturday, December 18, 2010

matt & julie + gwen

So I met Julie several years ago when we were neighbors at college. We've been good friends ever since. A few years ago when Julie and Matt got engaged, they asked me to photograph their engagements.

Not only are they super fun to be around, but they're also an incredibly photogenic couple. Let's be honest... my camera loves these two.

Their wedding day came and the lighting was ideal. Sometimes I love super strong light... sun flairs can be so fun. But I've affectionately dubbed soft subdued over-cast light as matt and julie's, cause it works so perfectly with them.

Since getting married, they've had an addition to their family. Gwen Beans. Gwen is a fun little pup... who loves food and is scared of strangers.

So I was thrilled when Julie called and said that they wanted to update their family photo. We went out this morning... it was overcast, cold and drizzly. Not necessarily "ideal" for shooting. But I love the seemingly less than perfect circumstances cause I get to be more creative and work with what I've got. It's a challenge... one that I'm always thrilled with the results.

Of course I shot with my beautiful contax and Kodak 400VC (my favorite color film). I will do a full post soon of the images. But for now... here's just a sneak peek at the digital ones.

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