Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas time and such

So I'm a tad bit behind on my personal blogging for the holidays. A lot has been going on here at the Beckham home. This Christmas has been especially fun since I've been able to create a lot of our decorations. Here's a promised post with some images from our lovely decorated living room and Christmas morning :)

Item #1: Tree skirt (double sided with trim)

Item #2: Stockings

The bulk of the fabric for this project was purchased at... drum roll please... DI! That's right. I turned an old curtain into our stockings.

Item #3: Ornaments

I found these cool smaller pine cones in our back yard and spray-painted them with gold glitter. Then wrapped paper clips through them and tied with red ribbon.

Here's how everything turned out:

And then came Christmas morning... Britton surprised me with a lot of fun items for the kitchen. A new frying pan, waffle maker, skillet... he knows how much I love preparing food and how in need of some new items we were! I love how everything is chaotic Christmas morning. It just looks like so much fun!


  1. How long did it take to make the stockings and tree skirt again?

  2. I love the way this all looks together. You have such a talent! I am way impressed with how you knew what you wanted and pulled it off so beautifully! Then to document it so nicely! I feel like I am looking at a magazine.

  3. I think this is the exact blue I'm using on my in laws. Blue can be a warm color....