Thursday, December 30, 2010

rachel hagen interior design

So I was given a real fun opportunity this Christmas holiday. I got to meet Rachel Hagen, a real fun, energetic and talented interior designer.

She's now based out of California, but has done a lot of work here in Utah. Her work is modern and fresh, mixed with vintage accents and super fun colors. She needed an update to her portfolio and so began our awesome working relationship. I love interiors, especially picture-perfect ones :)

This home was quite the job. She pretty much designed every room in the entire house, and it wasn't a small home. The thing I loved most about her designs was that they were welcoming. Each space had it's own look, but was very warm and inviting, like you could easily curl up in any one of the corners with a good book and a blanket. I love spaces like that and it was cool to see a home full of them.

Fruit Heights:

The next space which I photographed was a remodel of a kitchen. This kitchen is the central point of the home and it was awesome to hear how much the owners loved their new space. My favorite points: the contrast between the cabinets and the floor/trim and the color of the walls. It was really a soothing room. Totally the kind of kitchen that I would love to cook in on a regular basis.


Finally I went to photograph a really fun refinished basement. There's still some additions (I'm told) that will be made. Of course, when is a home ever finished? Decorating takes time. But this space was super fun. The basement consisted of a bar area, entertainment center and a girls bedroom. I loved the details in the lighting. It really added a mood to the space.

South Jordan:

Of course, these are not all of the photos I took in the homes. To see more visit my facebook page.

Just one last note: All of the interior design work in these photos was done by Rachel Hagen Design. You can find her on the web: her blog and website.

A side note to all the photogeeks: All of these images were taken with Kodak Portra 400VC and shot with my Contax 645, Carl Zeiss 80mm lens.


  1. Yeah! They're gorgeous! Thanksnfor making me look good. :)

  2. beautiful work carolee!
    rachel did part of our home, i love her!