Thursday, January 27, 2011

april and darren are having a baby

So I'm pregnant... and just ending my first trimester. And that means that I'm tired. But April is pregnant and weeks away from her baby's entry into this world- and so what does that mean? She's MORE TIRED.

But who cares how tired you are, when there's cute baby-belly pictures to be taken?

It was cold. And there was some light snow. But my camera couldn't help but love April and Darren.

Seriously, how cute is her belly?


All of these photos were taken with Kodak Portra 160 film, shot with my trusty contax. I swear, she's so dependable and so much fun to have around that I should consider naming that little beauty of a camera.

If I'm right... that baby is close to the size of a cantaloupe.

CONGRATS Darren and April! Thanks for letting me photograph your cuteness. Can't wait to see the cute face of your little baby boy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

family fun photo time

brandon had carson and kendra.

jayme had nya and bella.

brandon met jayme and they fell in love.

brandon asked jayme to marry him and now brandon and jayme will have carson and kendra and nya and bella.

cute happy beautiful lovely perfect little family.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

miss america 2011

Were you ever one of those girls who loved dressing up in your mother's clothes? Wearing her lipstick? Trying on her high-heels?

(courtesy of flicker.)

Did you ever dance and sing and one day dream of becoming something great? Being someone beautiful?

(picture found here)

I was your classic girl's girl. I loved all things that were pretty. I had a doll collection. I had white furniture in my room, a canopy bed, pink floral bed spread.

here I am with my younger brother.

Now this post really isn't meant to be about me though. It's meant to be about all girls across America. About the dreamers and the doers. One such woman is Christina Lowe.

Christina is currently Miss Utah and will be competing for the title of Miss America this Saturday.

She's worth recognizing. She's an incredible woman with an awesome perspective on life. I've had the pleasure of becoming friends with her this last year and I'm grateful for it.

Whether you're Utahan or just good ol'American, watch and support Miss Utah! Here's a super fun video clip that gives a sneak peek into how much fun Christina is to be around!

Good Luck Christina! We'll be rooting for you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11... reflecting on 2010

So it was a busy busy year. I'm going to attempt to sum it up with a string of photos. Consider this a post about my most favorite documented moments of 2010:

It wouldn't be right if I didn't start it off with a picture of this little guy: MICKEY.

He joined the family on Christmas as a gift to my little sister and he is the epitome of hope.

Valentines day came and Eliana (my sister) and I decided to bake some yummy sugar cookies.

It was mine and Britton's first Valentines as a married couple.

After 2 years of missionary service, Elder Coy finally returned home!

And then.. on a photog's afternoon out I snapped these two images of the one and only Kaneischa Johnson. These images are still some of my favorite of her to date!

Early spring brought a fun trip out to Eureka with the Gillries:

And by April we were on our way to Texas for the summer (by way of Arizona... and the Meteor Crater)

Texas brought lots of surprises... like a little town named after my husband :)

And a super festive 4th of July...

We celebrated 11 months of marriage while in Dallas...

And enjoyed spending time with friends (and their beautiful children) while we were away from home.

It doesn't really matter where I am... as long as Britton and I are together, we have so much fun. The FortWorth Stockyards were a cool treat.

Knocking doors in hot, humid and nasty Texas summers is not fun, nor is it something that I ever want to do again. BUT... the opportunity to meet all different kinds of people and to interact with them was cool. Here's some photo proof in mobile uploads:

guy on the left: random guy on the street in Corsicana, TX.
guy on the right: someone I met when knocked on his door.

this picture really speaks for itself. This guy offered me spiked coke and was smoking a cigar in his garage. He was Cuban and said I could be his "other" wife.

And then Kaneischa came to visit... and I'm not kidding when I say that she's one of my most favorite people ever.

I heart America

Not long after getting back.. we left again. This time it was to California for a much needed California Adventure :)


We were also able to see my brother Chris and his wife Jillayne while we were in LA. It's not fun being so far apart, but it's nice to be able to visit in cool places.

September was filled with one fun thing after the next... Moab with the Beckhams, Lake Powell with team rockstar... the fun didn't stop.

And... Upon our return, the beautiful contax entered my life. And thus began a photo-filled fall, full of all good things, families, babies, fashion and fun:

This is officially the longest post ever. But it was a phenomenal year. And I have no doubt that 2011 will be even better. I'm going to end the post with one more little grouping of pictures. 2010 wouldn't be complete without Fork Fest. It was beautiful day of music and friends in American Fork. Love the photos from that day! To see more, visit my website.

Here's to a NEW YEAR!