Monday, February 28, 2011

17 weeks and a turnip

when i first thought about photographing a turnip... i didn't know what to think. i honestly had a hard time finding one at the store since i've never bought one before. it didn't help that they're right next to the rutabagas! and since i've never bought one of those either and didn't know the difference between the two, i ended up buying a rutabaga instead. once i realized that it was not a turnip, i ventured back to the produce section of our local grocery store and picked up the best looking turnip i could find.

i was so excited to wear my new skirt for this photo. if you want to know the story behind this awesome article of clothing- go here. it was actually a dress once upon a time...

and now for the photos: week 17, baby is the size of a turnip!

we've really hit a growth spurt this last week. i'm seriously looking more pregnant every day. AND... this is exciting news: i felt my little turnip move inside of me for the VERY FIRST TIME on saturday. woohoo!! it seriously was so cool. i've heard people compare it to butterflies, but whenever i've heard that-it's made me think of what i feel when i'm on a roller-coaster. you know, those type of butterflies. this didn't feel anything like that at all. INSTEAD-it was almost as if i had a little butterfly in my belly flapping its wings around. a little turnip butterfly. it was a super special and totally unique moment. can't wait for more!

Friday, February 25, 2011

jenae + andrew- engaged

so here's a more complete post from this week's engagement session. jenae and andrew were a dream to work with! we started out at this lovely little bakery/cafe in american fork-- it's called flour girls and dough boys, and boy is it ever an ideal little spot for some fun photos! (and good eats, might i add! they have great sandwiches and a to-die-for creamy tomato soup!)

all of the above images were shot using a contax 645 and kodak portra 400vc film.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

17 weeks

i am 17 weeks today! and i'm about to get all dressed up for the continuation of my baby bump series photo. getting ready to take the picture is always a lot of fun. food purchased and ready.

also... i made our ultrasound appointment. it's in 2 weeks!! EXCITING.

So... here's where the fun begins: What do you think we are having? A BOY? or A GIRL? Cast your vote to the right! (just above the nice little picture of yours truly) and in 2 weeks, after our ultrasound, i will reveal the true identity of our sweet little angel.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i am an aunt

when you think about it, we all are so many things. but here are a few things that i absolutely LOVE being.

my lover's best friend
a wife
an artist
obsessed with photography
a wanderer
a sister
a daughter
a college graduate
a soon-to-be momma!!
a friend
and... an aunt

last friday i had the lovely pleasure of watching my beautiful little niece, Brighton, for the afternoon. her little friend, Jasper, came along for fun too. And that's exactly what we had: so much fun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

jenae + andrew- engaged (a sneak peek)

yesterday, i had the wonderful privilege of photographing andrew and jenae. i loved everything about this session! here's just a sneak peek... more to come later this week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

16.4 weeks and a midwife appointment

So we just got back from our 2nd appointment with our lovely midwife and life is good. i'm slightly obsessed with giving my baby all the goodness that i have to offer. and i really feel that it's paying off. here's a little bit of what i put in (or) on my body for baby's benefit:

1. Garden of Life RAW prenatal vitamins
The thing I love about this prenatal is that I am 100% confident that I'm getting everything I need. When my iron levels were checked (at my first appointment) they were really high, in a perfect range actually. I have no doubt that it was due in part to my constant taking of these vitamins. I feel great when I take them!

2. Garden of Life: Oceans Mom Prenatal DHA
There are soooooo many benefits to having DHA in your diet as a woman and expectant mother. First of all, DHA has been shown to increase the learning and cognitive function of children, supports healthy brain and neural development, promotes proper vision and it enhances the quality of breast milk.

3. Superior Source B-12 tablets
Honestly, I can't praise the effect of B-12 enough. It's such a mood lifter! And, to top it off... this particular supplement is fairly comparable to the effectiveness of getting the shots. It's loaded with B6 (which can help with nausea) and Folic Acid. Even though I'm taking a prenatal loaded with Folic Acid, the research I've done shows to adverse side effects to having more Folic Acid in the system. So the more the merrier!

4. Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima Probiotic
I have been taking probiotics for several years now and I really love the benefits. A probiotic provides the necessary elements for "healthy digestive" systems. Something that is needed even more while pregnant.

5. Purity Products: Dr. Cannell's Advanced D Vitamin D Super formula
This is a new addition to my supplimental health. But it's one that I'm excited about. There's a lot of research out now that shows all the awesome benefits of an increase in Vitamin D. Plus... for you ladies that are pregnant, did you know that Vitamin D can strengthen your water sack? Making you less likely to have your water break prematurely? Nice.

6. Earthly Body Hemp Seed Oil
Now this item stays on the outside of my skin. I'm not totally sure if it will prevent stretch marks.. I'm kind of hoping that it will help. But I do know that this particular spray is loaded with ingredients that are all recognizable. (don't you hate it when you look at a bottle, to see what you're putting on your skin, and you have no idea what most of the ingredients are?! like, you've NEVER heard them before. and now.. you're allowing them to filter into your blood stream via your skin? maybe I'm alone here on this one, but I'm not super comfortable not knowing what I'm putting into my body-especially with a baby in there.) So here's what kind of goodness you'll find in a bottle of this oil: Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E.)

a dream world

a little over a week ago, britton and i had a really fun date night. we discovered a "new world." a magical place. a dream world. walking around this dream, we seemed to have entered into the ice castle of the white witch or some other-worldly place from a fairytale. it's so incredible--the wonderful creations that exist for our enjoyment.

i blogged more in detail about this wonderful place here. but on friday i picked up the film from the evening and couldn't resist sharing some of my favorite images. my film of choice? kodak portra 400vc. it's so beautiful.

we went right at dusk. so the sky was surreal. it was quite romantic (and cold).

in other news: i'm soooo very excited to photograph this week's food of choice. baby is really growing. (that is a GREAT thing). i feel that my bump is more and more pronounced. coming up on week 17, my baby is now close to 5" and is compared to... well I'm not going to tell you actually. you'll just have to wait to find out! :)

also, i'm going to start a series of photo-advice/tutorial posts. one of my passions is education. i absolutely LOVE the sharing of knowledge and watching the progression of talent and skill. i've decided to extend some of my hard-earned education and experience to you in the form of video tutorials. so my question to you is: What do you want to know about photography? lighting? art? theory? anything in particular?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

baby update!

so... i'm a tiny bit behind on my posting about this wonderful new chapter of pregnancy. let me tell you, i am loooooooving it. it's got it's uncomfortable moments of pukiness and heartburn, but oh this second trimester has been so much better than the first. i have energy! yahoo! i am a regular gym-goer again! and it feels so so good.

the reason i get behind with posting these pictures is that i choose to shoot them with the lady contax. for those of you who are new and don't know who the lady contax is... let me tell you! she's a beautiful piece of photo equipment that allows me complete manual control and she only takes film. so i've got to finish a roll before i can get it developed and then i've got to wait for it to be developed. thus the longer turn around time (longer than the instant digital variety). anyway, this project is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

fruits and veggies compared to my growing baby:

week 14: baby was the size of a lemon. a LEMON! yes! so excited about that one.

week 15: baby was the size of an apple. about 4" in length. an APPLE for crying out loud. an apple in my belly. :)

and now for this week: week 16. can you believe that i'm 4 months along already? so crazy, i know! baby is a bit longer. about .5" longer to be exact. they're comparing baby at this stage to an avocado.

i know... i know... this dress hides the belly well. but trust me. it's protruding out there under the beautiful folds of green fabric (dress from anthropology).

this is really a fun time. depending on what i wear, i can look quite pregnant. other outfits-not so much. but well, i feel it every day. baby is just hanging out with me, loving all of my activities of choice. haha. anyway, if you're curious where i'm getting the comparisons of fruit to the growth of my baby- my information source is baby center. i get an email update each week letting me know the progress and growth that is typical for a baby at my stage in the pregnancy. i am also part of the lamaze weekly email. and i try to check out other information on birth and pregnancy as it becomes available to me. if any of you have any suggestions in this department- i'd love to hear them! what have you done fun to document and track and educate yourself during your pregnancies?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lunch with the great alisha

so i might be a tiny bit of a photo-snob (can i say that on here without people thinking i'm mean and snobbish?) i don't mean in the "i'm better than you" way. what i mean is that when i have the opportunity to discuss photography with a fellow photographer that is educated, with a college degree in photography [like me], i just eat up every second.

i find that we live in a world over-saturated (nice photo term placement haha) with photographers. let's face it... most of you know at least one other person, personally, who loves the art of photography. and why wouldn't they? capturing the moment and reliving it again and again is so much fun. and photography is so available now! although, there's something different about someone who has gone to school for photography. they tend to have an awareness of the history, the culture and the philosophies behind this particular form of expression. they know who paul strand is, and atget, bresson, walker evans. they know, love and totally admire these great great photographers. and honestly, they seem to get me a bit more... get why i photograph and why i'm so driven by it. not that all the other talented, non-university educated photographers wouldn't understand. i mean, let's face it. you don't have to go to school to be a successful photographer. ALL i'm saying, is i love talking to photographers who have gone to school- because we have that one thing in common, and as we visit- we generally find oh-so-many more things in common too.

enough with the ramblings though.

meet: Alisha Stamper, Photographer.

i had the awesome pleasure of eating lunch with Alisha and her adorable little kiddos last week. and of course, i knew i had to bring the lady contax along. her kids were so cute and behaved just as children should. (alisha's face here tells it all!) it was fun. alisha is a very talented fine art photographer who shoots film and large format. not sure what large format is? well, take a gander over to her website to find out!

oh how i loooooooove thai food. yum!

after a very satisfying lunch, we headed over to the Art Access building in Salt Lake to see a photo exhibit. (it was called "Thresholds" and was done by a group known as SL7). i love looking at photographs in a gallery.

best breakfast ever

so our valentines day was great. but honestly, most days here at the beckham house are great. i feel super blessed to have found such a great husband. it's so much fun to do things together and to care for one another. yesterday wasn't really different than every other day in our lives, it was just heart-themed.

things that weren't part of our valentines: dinner. flowers. chocolate. (the typical)
things that were part of our valentines: time together. jdawgs (i surprised him at school in between his studying for a test). and bangs.

it wasn't typical, but our day was still perfectly perfect.

despite all of these things... what does my britton do? well for one- he didn't tell me to get out of bed this morning. he just let me lay there for the extra 15 minutes that i wanted to. and as i laid there, i heard activity in the kitchen. what did i find when i finally got up to investigate?

my cute husband making breakfast. and not just any breakfast- but a sweetheart breakfast.


i don't know when he had the time to go and get everything he needed... but he found the time. he had this idea to make heart-shaped pancakes (using cookie cutters). and voila! a breakfast for lovers. so so cute.

i couldn't resist having a little fun with the presentation of my breakfast before taking the picture. it was so yummy!

i'm totally biased. but i have the cutest husband ever!

Monday, February 14, 2011


yes. i did something totally different today. pushed the limits of my comfort. i got a hair cut- and added some bangs! woowoo! it was a surprise to britton. he didn't know that i was going to do it. and his response?! "OH WOW! You're so hot!" score! I did good.

tis the day of looooooove. happy valentines!

so i've decided to make it a tradition: making sugar cookies with my little sister. ever since i was a little girl, i had always wanted a sister. i grew up in the middle of 4 brothers, and well... being the super girly-girl that i was, having only brothers wasn't my idea of the best kind of time. i wanted a sister and i wanted one bad. eventually, i got used to the idea of only brothers... and then (when i was 15) my mom popped the news: that she was pregnant! woah, that one came from nowhere. didn't think we'd add another kiddo to the troops. but well, i was EXCITED to say the least. my little sister was finally a bun in my mom's oven.

and so began the relationship between my sister and me. it was sort of different though, than i had imagined. by the time she came around, i was already in highschool, dating boys, graduating and then off to college. so sadly, that left her wanting more of a sister (even though she had one) and me realizing that being a sister wasn't exactly what i had thought it would be. but honestly, despite my incorrect perceptions of what it would be like having a sister, it has turned into a beautiful beautiful thing.

anyone who knows my little sister, knows that we are quite the opposite. not in all things, but well... we are very different. and the differences are actually so much fun.

for example: she's 12 and i'm 27. (big difference! haha) ok... but seriously. my sister loves math. she's in an after-school robotics group. she's in algebra as a 7th grader. she spent some of her summer days last summer, working on pages in a math book (for fun!) i think my dad said that they did like 30 pages in one day. my little sister doesn't dream of her wedding (i mean, like all girls she does) but... instead of planning it and thinking about the details, she's more focused on where she wants to go to college and what she wants to study! like all kids, her "dream" of what she wanted to be when she grew up has changed over the years but here are some of the ideas that she's had: someone who studies volcanoes, a linguistic, and optometrist (just to name a few). when i was little i wanted to be a movie star and an actress. I was more concerned about going to college to meet a cute boy and get married than to get a degree (oh how that changed once i actually got to college and started studying photography-i did find love at school... just not the romantic kind. but it did take place in a "darkroom" haha. oh my love affair with art was awesome).

but anyway, my little sister now lives in orem with my parents and i really enjoy taking time to get to know her and to do fun things with her. last year we baked sugar cookies for valentines day. this year, i made it a point to make time to do the same. Valentines day doesn't just have to be about your romantic lover. its about all those you love. and honestly, i really love my sister.

ok.. so seriously, how cute is my husband? here-in this picture, he's holding the cut out of a little foot. he found the cookie cutter and decided he wanted to make a cookie for our baby. all his idea. i love this man. he's so much my favorite:

and here's britton's final product (of the baby foot). it was totally his idea to paint the toes :) so cute.

what are some fun traditions that you have for valentines day?