Monday, February 21, 2011

16.4 weeks and a midwife appointment

So we just got back from our 2nd appointment with our lovely midwife and life is good. i'm slightly obsessed with giving my baby all the goodness that i have to offer. and i really feel that it's paying off. here's a little bit of what i put in (or) on my body for baby's benefit:

1. Garden of Life RAW prenatal vitamins
The thing I love about this prenatal is that I am 100% confident that I'm getting everything I need. When my iron levels were checked (at my first appointment) they were really high, in a perfect range actually. I have no doubt that it was due in part to my constant taking of these vitamins. I feel great when I take them!

2. Garden of Life: Oceans Mom Prenatal DHA
There are soooooo many benefits to having DHA in your diet as a woman and expectant mother. First of all, DHA has been shown to increase the learning and cognitive function of children, supports healthy brain and neural development, promotes proper vision and it enhances the quality of breast milk.

3. Superior Source B-12 tablets
Honestly, I can't praise the effect of B-12 enough. It's such a mood lifter! And, to top it off... this particular supplement is fairly comparable to the effectiveness of getting the shots. It's loaded with B6 (which can help with nausea) and Folic Acid. Even though I'm taking a prenatal loaded with Folic Acid, the research I've done shows to adverse side effects to having more Folic Acid in the system. So the more the merrier!

4. Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima Probiotic
I have been taking probiotics for several years now and I really love the benefits. A probiotic provides the necessary elements for "healthy digestive" systems. Something that is needed even more while pregnant.

5. Purity Products: Dr. Cannell's Advanced D Vitamin D Super formula
This is a new addition to my supplimental health. But it's one that I'm excited about. There's a lot of research out now that shows all the awesome benefits of an increase in Vitamin D. Plus... for you ladies that are pregnant, did you know that Vitamin D can strengthen your water sack? Making you less likely to have your water break prematurely? Nice.

6. Earthly Body Hemp Seed Oil
Now this item stays on the outside of my skin. I'm not totally sure if it will prevent stretch marks.. I'm kind of hoping that it will help. But I do know that this particular spray is loaded with ingredients that are all recognizable. (don't you hate it when you look at a bottle, to see what you're putting on your skin, and you have no idea what most of the ingredients are?! like, you've NEVER heard them before. and now.. you're allowing them to filter into your blood stream via your skin? maybe I'm alone here on this one, but I'm not super comfortable not knowing what I'm putting into my body-especially with a baby in there.) So here's what kind of goodness you'll find in a bottle of this oil: Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E.)


  1. You sound very well researched, so I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on folic acid in later pregnancy and the links to asthma. Do you know what the current advice on that is?

  2. Hoorah! I asked earlier on the blog for a suggestion for spray on moisturizer for the bump...and here it is.

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for posting this! I have recently had a major shift in thinking and understanding about food and the stuff we put in/on or bodies. As we are considering health future babies have been discussed and I'd been wondering what to do about all this stuff you just talked about. Awesome. Thanks a bundle for sharing your research.

    From Rachel - a new and now dedicated reader of your beautiful blog.

    i needed this post.

    been meaning to get some B vitamins to up my energy!
    thanks for the recc

  5. do your prenatals make you nauseated? i've always heard to take them before bed. is that what you do?

  6. I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow!
    I'm excited to check out all these products. When I first got pregnant I just bought some prenatal vitamins from CVS (we were in the middle of moving, etc etc) but they're about to run out soon and I want to take my time choosing a new vitamin that really has everything I need.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. my first trimester i had a hard time swallowing my prenatals... something about the smell didn't sit well with me. i had to take them with juice or milk or something with flavor. now that i'm over that hump of food dislikes, i don't have a problem with my prenatals.