Thursday, February 10, 2011

the baby bump

so my baby bump is growing. it's not a full-blown "woah that lady is pregnant" bump... yet. but i'm slowing moving into the category where it might be noticeable to strangers that my body is shaped a bit different than typical.

i'm definitely not tall, so there's not a whole lotta room for this baby to go. my torso is quite compact. i'm ok with that. although, i did have a moment last night where i hated everything in my closet... cause i've expanded enough to where my properly-fitting clothes aren't so proper anymore. when i wear them, i feel like i look as though i'm a girl trying to squish into a few sizes too small instead of popping out at the right place. haha. oh the musings of a first-time prego lady and her changing body.

at any rate, i am determined to make the most of what i've got in that closet of mine and rock these clothes as long as i can. it might require a bit of creativity... but well, i've always had some of that to spare, so i think i'll do alright.

i've been gathering a lot of inspiration lately for projects that will be a part of my pregnant and post-pregnant life. photo projects, to be more exact. it's one of the benefits of being a photographer, and especially at being one more inclined towards documentary- i know how to tell a story and how to share it. AND... i'm EXCITED beyond all to do so.

i'm emerging out of the discomforts of first trimester yuckies and into the energy-filled second trimester. i've been to the gym 3x already this week and each workout was great. i'm determined to be a blissful pregnant lady. i'm not tall and i definitely don't have long legs (like the mom in this picture), but i'd like to think that i'll look like this one day very soon. graceful. maybe all i need is to find a really stellar pair of heels.

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