Tuesday, February 15, 2011

best breakfast ever

so our valentines day was great. but honestly, most days here at the beckham house are great. i feel super blessed to have found such a great husband. it's so much fun to do things together and to care for one another. yesterday wasn't really different than every other day in our lives, it was just heart-themed.

things that weren't part of our valentines: dinner. flowers. chocolate. (the typical)
things that were part of our valentines: time together. jdawgs (i surprised him at school in between his studying for a test). and bangs.

it wasn't typical, but our day was still perfectly perfect.

despite all of these things... what does my britton do? well for one- he didn't tell me to get out of bed this morning. he just let me lay there for the extra 15 minutes that i wanted to. and as i laid there, i heard activity in the kitchen. what did i find when i finally got up to investigate?

my cute husband making breakfast. and not just any breakfast- but a sweetheart breakfast.


i don't know when he had the time to go and get everything he needed... but he found the time. he had this idea to make heart-shaped pancakes (using cookie cutters). and voila! a breakfast for lovers. so so cute.

i couldn't resist having a little fun with the presentation of my breakfast before taking the picture. it was so yummy!

i'm totally biased. but i have the cutest husband ever!

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  1. his cute points are off the charts! ;) What a fun, sweet breakfrast! LOVE the heart pancakes with the cookie cutters...brilliant. Hope you 2 and your little bun in the oven had a great lover's holiday!