Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the bun in my oven

I'm going to be a mom. This is a first-time experience for me. Haven't had the opportunity yet... till now. I spoke with my own mother for a brief moment on the phone today (after she shared part of her moose roast with me in the form of french dip sandwiches. oh how i miss alaskan moose! I was so grateful. Had to call and say thankyou to momma-dear). Here's basically how the conversation went.

Me: My baby is really going to like you.
Mom: No, you're baby is going to looooooooove me.
Me: Correction accepted. Baby will love you for sure.
Mom: You don't know if baby is a boy or girl yet, do you?
Me: Nope. Only 6 more weeks.
Mom: Can't wait!
Me: Me either!

My mother is right. The bun in my oven will love her. I'm excited to see the mother I love so much fill the roll of grandmother to my baby. So excited for this.

And yes, we have only 6 weeks till we find out the sex of baby in my belly. I am looking forward to this- A LOT. Our midwife appointment went really well yesterday. My growth is spot-on. Iron levels good. And the best part: baby's heartbeat is super strong.

So... over the course of the past few weeks I have begun the documentation of this new process. My body is changing- in the most beautiful way. Although I'm at the stage where I feel like I probably look more like I'm fat than pregnant, I don't really care. Who cares if I'm not as slender in my workout clothes at the gym? Since when were all the gym-bound people super fit? haha. Although, I am looking forward to when I will actually look pregnant instead of just feeling it.

7-Weeks: baby is the size of a blueberry! A blueberry! It's amazing that baby can be so tiny and yet so developed.

12 weeks: baby is the size of a lime. This is a cute size. By this point, my baby has fingers and nails and ears even. So cool. Such a sweet little lime.

13 weeks: proof of the belly. It is growing. I promise. Also, my weight on the scale is slowing climbing up. I have to throw in a disclaimer here that the picture on the left is of me, on the scale and I'm holding my 3.5 lb camera. So the total weight is a tad deceiving. It's actually only supposed to read 128.2. Don't believe me? I have documented proof of that as well. I just liked the angle of this shot better. :)

This next week my baby will be the size of a lemon. And then an apple and avocado. Don't worry- more pictures to come. I believe in the power of a woman's natural ability to carry and deliver children. I'm so excited to take this journey with you all. So is my little bun. Baby is going to like you all, a lot.


  1. I love you so much sis! This was a wonderful read. I love being a mother but sometimes it is really taxing as not many "Thanks" come my way. :) Not that I require it but will all the work and sacrifice (nothing in life worth having comes without both, I know), it would be nice to hear it from the little ones I love so dearly. This post really took me back to the best experiences I have ever had the privilege of being blessed with; two wonderfully natural birthing processes that allowed me growth and ultimate sacrifice, self assurance and strength, and above all, a deeper appreciation for my Savior, His love and sacrifice for me-not to mention two of the most adorable and sweet spirited children Heavenly Father has trusted me with. Thank you. Your attitude about pregnancy and child bearing remind me of me. I feel grateful that we share the same beliefs and philosophies. Hugs to you....have B give that cute belly a smooch from Auntie Natalie :)

  2. Oh I love this!!! you are such a cute mommy!!! Congratulations. This is beautiful!!

  3. So cool! Are you going to do a homebirth?

  4. i love this post so much! and i look forward to every single documentation. you are adorable!

  5. Thank you for documenting this. What a treasure!

  6. Oh this post put the biggest smile on my face :) And made me miss being pregnant! Loved the sweet conversation you had with you mom <3 And the way you're documenting the progress of your pregancy with the food/size of the baby is brilliant!!! Can't wait to see more as that little one of yours keeping growing :)

  7. Congratulations!!!
    I find it wonderful to document pregnancy since it goes so fast (sometimes I feel a little lazy to take my weekly picture but after I took it, I'm always so happy to have this as a memory of this precious moment).
    take care!

  8. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing the experience with all of us.