Tuesday, February 8, 2011

congrats to jamie!

So just over a week ago my good friend Julie, gave a little shout-out to my mad photo-skills. Thanks Julie!! Since she has been the subject of my photographs for years now I was more than happy to provide some of her readers with a discounted session.

In response to her post Jamie posted the following:

Congrats Jamie! You are the winner of the 50% discounted session. Please comment on this post before the 15th (in exactly one week) and let me know what type of session you're interested in and when.

Thanks again everyone for entering! For those of you who weren't drawn, like mentioned on Julie's blog- you still qualify for a discount of 20% (it was only going to be 15%, but you got me on a good day and I'm feeling generous!) :) Either comment on this post or email me before the 15th to redeem your discount.

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