Saturday, February 12, 2011

date night in midway

so i've known about the midway ice castles for over a year now and have really been wanting to go! i can't tell you how many times we've put it down on our "to-do" list. it's been on the calendar time and time again. but life just happens and we haven't ever made it... until tonight. and let me tell you- it was TOTALLY worth it!

these ice castles are unreal! we went (per recommendation) at dusk. got to see the castles in daylight and as it got dark. the getting dark part was super cool because there are lights inside some of the towers. so as the sunlight fades, the lights come on-- creating a whole new dimension to the ice.

of course i had my trusty lady contax with me (film images to be posted later). but the good ol' nikon came along too. britton took the nikon for most of the evening and i had my contax. it was a perfectly great time. he took some great shots! (i have trained him well!) and after i finished the roll of film in my contax, i shot a few digital as well.

afterwards we ended the evening with a super yummy dinner at mama chus. it doesn't really compare to good ol' Rosa's Cafe (were we indulged multiple times over the summer, while in dallas) but... mama chus satisfied. yummy! i love love love date nights with my britton.

ok... favorite thing: when britton has one of my cameras, and i have the other... and i'm wandering around in my photographer-daze. just wandering around, enjoying the click click of my camera (LOVE that song by bishop allen!) i'll look up and what do i see? his one eye peaking out behind the camera body, pointed straight at me. he's like my personal paparazzi. so cute. and so what do i do? i make one of these faces at him:

and then it started to get dark...


and then dinner:


  1. this place is unreal! love all the pictures, love me some mexican food. and love date night

  2. That place is breathtaking. &dinner looks super duper yummy, haha!

  3. the pictures: fan-tastic!
    the adventure: unreal
    you 2: adorable :)
    Mama Chus: yum-o

    I really hope Adam and I can go before the end of February!! Thanks for the link to the site! :)

  4. Wow! What settings do you use to make the snow and sky glow so fantastically?

  5. noelle- thanks! :) I actually shoot everything in manual mode and adjust according to the light. my camera is totally equipped with various programmed modes, but I never use them.

  6. you got some great shots at night love them!