Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i am an aunt

when you think about it, we all are so many things. but here are a few things that i absolutely LOVE being.

my lover's best friend
a wife
an artist
obsessed with photography
a wanderer
a sister
a daughter
a college graduate
a soon-to-be momma!!
a friend
and... an aunt

last friday i had the lovely pleasure of watching my beautiful little niece, Brighton, for the afternoon. her little friend, Jasper, came along for fun too. And that's exactly what we had: so much fun.


  1. The outdoor photos are stunning - the colours are incredible. Sometimes, I find it hard to juggle between all those different roles (mama, daughter, friend, etc.) but it is pretty amazing to be all those things at once! :) Bises

  2. carolee, this is so strange, but here are all of our connections:

    1. i lived with cindy bigelow and andi frederiksen in the little white shanty in college.
    2. jenna rammell created your blog and jenna and i are great friends.
    3. i grew up next door to/babysitting/little brother was best friends with mackenzie lamb.

    strange? i think so! but so happy to have made the connection!