Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the love month

Eros. It's what the Greeks used to refer to romantic, sensual and intimate love. Love is a feeling; a chemical reaction to our environment and the people in it. But true love is definitely more than that. It boils down to a decision. A choice. You choose to love and to devote yourself to that action. The media will tell you that you can fall out of love just as quickly or easily as you fell into it. I don't buy it. That's merely an excuse, a way to play the victim card. A way to try to defer the blame of a failed romance. To me, true love is the decision to commit to someone or something and to allow yourself to continually grow into a better you. To allow yourself to confront the things deep down that need to change and to not be afraid of that confrontation and challenge. Basically you have to love yourself before reaching the deeper state of love of another.

If you're looking right now, for a way to better understand the deeper stuff of love, here are a few recommended readings:

The more you understand yourself, the way you think and are- the more capable you become to truly let down your guards and love. These are great-reads for any and all alike. Definitely the kind of books that can be life-changing in the very best way.

But what of Valentines? Or when I was without a lover: Single Awareness Day? It's that time of year when the hearts come out. Where everything seems to be pink and red and white. Where candy fills the aisles and where we try to get creative in how to gift our lovers and friends. Don't fret if you don't have a Valentine this year. Buy yourself one of the books above (mainly A Road Less Traveled) and really give yourself a gift of love. You won't regret it. I promise.

Now, let's be honest though- having a Valentine is a pretty sweet thing. Last year was a first for me, meaning that it was the first official year that I had a true and honest Valentine. It took me till age 26 before I got one. (The year prior, when my husband and I were just dating, we happened to be on a "break" over Valentines Day... how convenient.) At any rate, here's my last year's attempt:

As you can see, I made a flip book for my sweetheart. This was a super easy and fun idea. First I photographed myself (camera on tripod) as I stood in a (1.)kissing position. It took several attempts to get the pose just right. I cut myself out and made the background white and then I created (2.)hearts (all done in photoshop). I placed the hearts in a way that looked as if I were blowing them as (3.) kisses. And continued the process till there wasn't any more room. I ended the book with my (4.) love. After getting the individual pages printed at a local photo shop, I punched (5.) holes in the left side of the book and laced red ribbon through the holes. VOILA! I gave my husband a little me that he could keep in his pocket that would give him kisses and loves whenever he wanted them. :) for cute, eh?


  1. get out. this is way too much, i absolutely love it!

  2. I've read 3 of those books! Yahoo.

  3. carolee! i just saw your post on facebook about this and so glad i did! i'm so glad i found your fabulous blog. and more than anything, so glad i heard the AWESOME news! congrats on the growing baby in your belly! that is very, very exciting.

    you seem to be doing as fabulous as ever and of course, taking amazing pictures. i'm lovin' the film you are using. i was just telling my husband i'm going to find a way to go back to film one day. you just can't beat it's look! i'm going to hire you to do our family pictures one day!

    sorry for the world's longest comment. just wanted to say hello :)

  4. So Cute! I love ColorMeKatie Blog. http://colormekatie.blogspot.com/2010/02/kiss-in-your-pocket.html always has real cute ideas. Your flip book turned out perfect! Looks just like it! maybe i'll make one. And your photos are incredible!! They make me excited to have babies.

  5. corine! I'm so glad you mentioned her blog... i heard about this idea last year from and friend and it's nice to see the source of the inspiration :)

  6. adorable gift idea!!! Maybe I'll do something similar with my little boy for his grandparents...oh I'm excited! And love the collage of valentines-ish photos :)