Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lunch with the great alisha

so i might be a tiny bit of a photo-snob (can i say that on here without people thinking i'm mean and snobbish?) i don't mean in the "i'm better than you" way. what i mean is that when i have the opportunity to discuss photography with a fellow photographer that is educated, with a college degree in photography [like me], i just eat up every second.

i find that we live in a world over-saturated (nice photo term placement haha) with photographers. let's face it... most of you know at least one other person, personally, who loves the art of photography. and why wouldn't they? capturing the moment and reliving it again and again is so much fun. and photography is so available now! although, there's something different about someone who has gone to school for photography. they tend to have an awareness of the history, the culture and the philosophies behind this particular form of expression. they know who paul strand is, and atget, bresson, walker evans. they know, love and totally admire these great great photographers. and honestly, they seem to get me a bit more... get why i photograph and why i'm so driven by it. not that all the other talented, non-university educated photographers wouldn't understand. i mean, let's face it. you don't have to go to school to be a successful photographer. ALL i'm saying, is i love talking to photographers who have gone to school- because we have that one thing in common, and as we visit- we generally find oh-so-many more things in common too.

enough with the ramblings though.

meet: Alisha Stamper, Photographer.

i had the awesome pleasure of eating lunch with Alisha and her adorable little kiddos last week. and of course, i knew i had to bring the lady contax along. her kids were so cute and behaved just as children should. (alisha's face here tells it all!) it was fun. alisha is a very talented fine art photographer who shoots film and large format. not sure what large format is? well, take a gander over to her website to find out!

oh how i loooooooove thai food. yum!

after a very satisfying lunch, we headed over to the Art Access building in Salt Lake to see a photo exhibit. (it was called "Thresholds" and was done by a group known as SL7). i love looking at photographs in a gallery.


  1. it was SO great having lunch. You are LEGIT, carolee, for getting such AMAZING images. Talk about being on your game ALLLL the time.

  2. sorry for stalking--i haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but i'm alisha's sister, and your photo came up in my newsfeed. i just wanted to say that this post made me really happy. i am the farthest thing from being a fine art photographer, but i feel very protective of photographers with bfa's or more. this probably comes from having alisha as my sister, and another talented byu photo gal as a dear friend. i can't say i don't bristle when i encounter people who think they're qualified to run a photo business just because they've got the money for a nice camera and the opposable thumbs to hold the thing and snap pictures.

    there are non-bfa photographers with serious talent, that's a fact. but there is something different when people have made the sacrifice in blood, sweat, tears, and money to earn their photography degree. i think there is often more respect for the craft as a whole, and more respect for other photographers who give their knowledge and skills to make the world a more beautiful place.

    whoohoo! yay for education!

  3. I really appreciate you saying this...and completely understand. I graduated from RISD with a degree in Graphic Design. And let me tell you, I worked my ass off to get that degree. I actually know people who call themselves "graphic designer" because they have a computer and a layout software and can move things around on a page. So not the same. None of them know Paul Rand or Saul Bass...they all confuse typeface vs font. sigh.

    I did take a number of photography classes and I have nothing but awe and respect for what you do. And I'd never call myself a photographer. :)

    By the way, I love your baby updates and photos. GORGEOUS! Congratulations!

  4. Alisha told me you two went to the Art Access show. How fun!