Monday, February 14, 2011

tis the day of looooooove. happy valentines!

so i've decided to make it a tradition: making sugar cookies with my little sister. ever since i was a little girl, i had always wanted a sister. i grew up in the middle of 4 brothers, and well... being the super girly-girl that i was, having only brothers wasn't my idea of the best kind of time. i wanted a sister and i wanted one bad. eventually, i got used to the idea of only brothers... and then (when i was 15) my mom popped the news: that she was pregnant! woah, that one came from nowhere. didn't think we'd add another kiddo to the troops. but well, i was EXCITED to say the least. my little sister was finally a bun in my mom's oven.

and so began the relationship between my sister and me. it was sort of different though, than i had imagined. by the time she came around, i was already in highschool, dating boys, graduating and then off to college. so sadly, that left her wanting more of a sister (even though she had one) and me realizing that being a sister wasn't exactly what i had thought it would be. but honestly, despite my incorrect perceptions of what it would be like having a sister, it has turned into a beautiful beautiful thing.

anyone who knows my little sister, knows that we are quite the opposite. not in all things, but well... we are very different. and the differences are actually so much fun.

for example: she's 12 and i'm 27. (big difference! haha) ok... but seriously. my sister loves math. she's in an after-school robotics group. she's in algebra as a 7th grader. she spent some of her summer days last summer, working on pages in a math book (for fun!) i think my dad said that they did like 30 pages in one day. my little sister doesn't dream of her wedding (i mean, like all girls she does) but... instead of planning it and thinking about the details, she's more focused on where she wants to go to college and what she wants to study! like all kids, her "dream" of what she wanted to be when she grew up has changed over the years but here are some of the ideas that she's had: someone who studies volcanoes, a linguistic, and optometrist (just to name a few). when i was little i wanted to be a movie star and an actress. I was more concerned about going to college to meet a cute boy and get married than to get a degree (oh how that changed once i actually got to college and started studying photography-i did find love at school... just not the romantic kind. but it did take place in a "darkroom" haha. oh my love affair with art was awesome).

but anyway, my little sister now lives in orem with my parents and i really enjoy taking time to get to know her and to do fun things with her. last year we baked sugar cookies for valentines day. this year, i made it a point to make time to do the same. Valentines day doesn't just have to be about your romantic lover. its about all those you love. and honestly, i really love my sister.

ok.. so seriously, how cute is my husband? here-in this picture, he's holding the cut out of a little foot. he found the cookie cutter and decided he wanted to make a cookie for our baby. all his idea. i love this man. he's so much my favorite:

and here's britton's final product (of the baby foot). it was totally his idea to paint the toes :) so cute.

what are some fun traditions that you have for valentines day?


  1. uhm, that's not a baby boy foot. Recheck your dream...

  2. Awww, now I wish I has a sister! I got to meet your little sis last year. She was writing some very original stories at the time and I got to hear them :) What a sweet and bright girl!