Thursday, March 3, 2011

18 weeks- baby bell pepper

drumroll please.......... today britton and i finally decided upon our little boy's name. (if in fact there is a boy in my belly). we are now equipped with names for both a boy and a girl and so we are officially ready to find out exactly what we're having. (only one more week to go!) i couldn't be more excited!

as for this week's photo: i swear i'm looking more and more pregnant. i almost feel though, that since all these skirts of mine hide the belly so well... that it's hard to see exactly how big i really am. next week i promise to wear something more form-fitting. i think i have the perfect little number in mind... (hopefully it will still fit!)

for those of you who are wondering- here's a few of my prego wardrobe secrets. i pull my skirts up to the smallest part of my body. they are supposed to sit soooo much lower. but if i can get it zipped, than i rock it. to make it look legit i wrap a nice belt around my waist and voila! you've got a cute prego outfit that was never meant to be worn by a pregnant lady. i've spent less than $75 on maternity wear. i'm pretty determined to keep that cost low. i'll do a more specific post about "what to wear" here in the near future. but for now- behold the bell pepper. at 18 weeks, my baby is 5.5" and boy, is baby a'grown!

this photo gives you a little bit of an idea how that belly of mine is popping! :)

now for a fun change... i just so happened to be hanging out with a great friend of mine while i was carrying the bell pepper around in my purse. she's recently acquired a fuji-instax and had to take some polaroids. i love these.

thank you Kaneischa for the polariods!!! BTW... today is her birthday. and she is so deserving of everything fabulous in the world! happy birthday kj!!


  1. I love these pictures so much! Oh gosh, just such a great idea! Plus your hair looks awesome, so that's totally a plus :)
    Cute clothes! and super cute growing tummy!!!

  2. so cute! i really like how you make these photo shoots artistic and yet motherly ;)

  3. I love the pepper in the pocket! :)

  4. i wish we could find out next week... but our appointment isn't until the 23rd. i'm having such a hard time thinking up boy names! do you feel like you're having a boy or girl? people ask me that all the time and i have NO idea! loooove the polaroids! so fun!

  5. I was introduced to your blog by another. And this is such a great idea! I am 9 weeks pregnant and I have been thinking of a fun way to capture the growing process. I may have to barrow your great idea in some way!

    You look beautiful, and congratulations on the now pepper baby :)

  6. I definitely agree that one doesn't have to buy an entire wardrobe of maternity clothes! With just a little creativity, many normal clothes can work through pregnancy. Great pictures, great blog, and you're lookin' great too.:)

  7. carolee - it's been since BYUI days! i love your blog! you look great!

  8. I love the photos you are doing of each month. This is super cute idea! I might just borrow it when I'm prego again. Your blog is super sweet.

    I'm a new follower.
    Come check out my blog!


  9. Neat idea :) I'm just shy of 22 weeks myself, so you're due shortly after I am.