Tuesday, March 22, 2011

congratulations, i'm your dad!

today i feel compelled to give a little shout-out to some local guys who have started quite the mini-series. i met jeremy years ago when we were part of a group who went to see ghostland observatory perform in salt lake. although this post isn't about ghostland observatory... mentioning them here makes me remember how awesome they are. such a fabulous concert. one of my all-time favorites! anyway, back to jeremy's group: the angel murkurker.

if you haven't seen any of their productions, you are seriously missing out. they're witty and clever and thoroughly entertaining. you can follow them on twitter or facebook or youtube.

this week they uploaded a hillarious video about becoming a dad. i watched it with britton and we laughed out loud. i sincerely hope that you can appreciate everything about this little production and love it for its awesomeness!

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