Monday, March 7, 2011

dreaming of warmer days

dreaming of summer and warmer weather... of days at the park and bike rides. of picnics and hikes and swimsuits and gardens. dreaming of farmers markets and fresh fruit. of watermelons and grilled corn. of walks hand in hand with my sweetheart. of a sweet little baby that will come in the heat of the summer. of sunkissed cheeks and roadtrips. of vacations and beaches. dreaming of a summer of fun. camping. bonfires. smores. bbqs. star-gazing. of so many more things... today is a good day for dreaming.

what are you dreaming about?


  1. amen to all of thee above! (accept the baby part;) I'm dreaming about little boy swim trunks...swinging and doing "underdogs" at the reunions...a new kitchen...hikes with my 2 men. Goodness, this post made me smile :)

  2. your blog is so cute! I Love it, and summer baseball games, cool nights, and that relaxed atmosphere of the summer season

  3. you've got me so excited for summer! i am now dreaming of warmer days too...

  4. I'm dreaming of moving to the city (Washington, DC.). I live an hour outside right now, but go up twice a week. I can't wait to actually live there!!

  5. definitely dreaming up your dream right this instant.

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