Thursday, March 24, 2011

lunch with the fabulous christine

every once in awhile you come across a friend who you know was meant to be. that's how i feel about christine. i met her shortly after she moved back to utah and hired her to shoot my wedding. best. decision. ever. i just knew she was cool right away.

here's just one reason for her coolness: although it may be hard to believe, my husband has a really hard time relaxing in front of the camera. we've had our pictures taken by others... and he's never really liked the pictures or the sessions that much. but, when christine came around, he was able to totally relax and just be the awesome man that i totally love. she has that ability to allow people to be themselves while she captures them on film. pretty cool.

i love my photo-friends (we're all kinda nerdy). i love that we can talk FOR HOURS (literally) about metering, film-types, camera gear and the fun things we could photograph without it ever getting old. seriously. i love the positive vibe that happens when we meet.

a few days before leaving for our little vacay, christine and i met up for some yummy lunch and serious photo-girl time. it was the best. the kind of good time that when you finally realize what time it is, you jump in your car--reluctantly--and head home, chatting the whole way on the phone. [TRUE STORY].

here are some fun photos from that fabulous and beautiful afternoon.

want to fall more in love with her? check out her blog and website. enjoy!


  1. You are a gem. Thank you for all the kind words! I simply adore you, Carolee.

  2. There is nothing better than a good girlfriend! They make life just a little bit more sweeter.