Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the neon sign graveyard

vegas is the city of lights. it seems that the lights there never sleep... signs are everywhere- flashing. blinking. enticing visitors and locals alike to come and be entertained. it's like a whole new world. you step onto the strip and for a minute you're in new york. the next minute you're in egypt and then paris. there's really no other place in the world (that i know of) which offers such a feast for your eyes- and wallet.

that's why the idea of a neon sign graveyard was so utterly appealing to me. what happens to the signs that are too old to be used anymore? [it's somewhat reminiscent of the velvetine rabbit... who remembers that book? it was one of my favorites as a little girl. such a beautiful story!]

at anyrate, in vegas there's a place where all the used-up, no-good, old-and-broken neon signs go. they have their own little home. a home where they have purpose. it's the NEON SIGN GRAVEYARD. this graveyard is actually treated as a museum. every item there has a story. they don't take just anybody through to look at the signs though. you've got to contact them through their website, specify which date you'd like to come, how many are in your party and what time you'd like to be included in the tour. they are a non-profit organization, but they do ask for a $15 (min) donation to participate in the tour. soon, very soon, they'll have a brand new visitors center. they acquire funds for this and all other things that they need to do through the donations and through professional shoots. i believe the killers once filmed a music video here.

anyway, these photos which i took were merely for personal use, but i couldn't help but want to share them. what a fun spot to see on an afternoon in vegas!

this is where we spent our st patty's day. :)

mmmmmmm.... nice!

this is what happens when i give my husband the camera...

when i took this i was thinking "Beckham Love"


  1. That is maybe one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Now I need to plan a trip to Vegas!


  2. I love the shoe. I need one of those for Emma's room.

  3. love this neon sign graveyard...so cool and a great place for a photo opp!

  4. Love those pictures! Very very cool!