Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the prettiest dress

remember julie? my great friend who completely transformed my semi-formal silver dress that was (1.) WAAAAAAY too big and (2.) something i'd never wear again? [if you missed the transformation, check it out here.]

well this post is per her request. you see, once upon a time there was a girl named carolee. this once upon a time was circa 2007. she thought she had fallen in love and thought that she was going to get married and so she went dress shopping and bought a wedding dress! gasp! :) the honest truth was that she was going to get married, but it was to the wrong guy and so within weeks of the wedding dress purchase she had called off the wedding and broke off the engagement. it was a hard time in her life. so very hard. but totally an important experience for her to experience. she learned many many lessons about true love and life and commitment. in retrospect she was super grateful for the experience, as difficult as it was. there were some financial losses though. as you all know, wedding dresses are not refundable. she was stuck. she had spent $650 on a designer dress and couldn't even dream of getting a fraction of that expense back. she tried posting it online, but didn't get a single bite, so she just boxed up the dress and kept it in her closet.

fast forward to 2008... one day at church a really cute young man came up and introduced himself to her. he was reaaaaaallly cute. they became great friends and their friendship grew and grew. it was a slow progressing relationship. they would date and then they wouldn't. they would be committed and then they wouldn't. but then one day in 2009, almost a year after their first meeting, this really cute boy let carolee know how he really felt. he loved her and he wanted to marry her. this boy is one of the most thoughtful boys ever and decided that he wanted this monumental moment forever remembered (to see what I'm talking about, check out the ACTUAL VIDEO RECORDING of his proposal here.)

and so they got engaged and were so excited to get married!! carolee still had that old wedding dress too! but by this point in time, she was no longer a size 12. she was a 4. and well, the dress was not what she wanted at all. she found some inspiration and decided that she wanted her wedding dress to be classier. she was inspired by grace kelly.

fortunately she was good friends with an INCREDIBLE tailor and seamstress (mary) who said that what she wanted was totally possible. mary said that she could take the old dress and turn it into a DREAM DRESS.



it was a breathtaking transformation. mary worked a true and honest miracle. guess how much extra we spent on material to create my dream wedding dress? $6 bucakroos. that's it! [of course i paid mary for her time and skill. but on material? she took everything she needed from the original].

september 5th, 2009 was beautiful and perfect. i married my very best friend. i was so grateful for all of the hard relationships i had been through, because through each one i learned what it meant to really love and what was truly important to have in a spouse and companion. every day now i thank my God for my sweet husband. he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. and we are thrilled for the arrival of our own sweet angel from heaven. getting married is a big deal. it's so important to marry the right person at the right time and in the right place. :)

all my wedding photos were taken by an extreemly talented photographer and good friend of mine: christine olson.


  1. This is like reading my own life story! I too had a broken engagement in 2007, AFTER I bought a dress... was engaged in 2009 and wore the same dress for our September 09 wedding and now expecting baby #1 in July! Craziness!
    Also, Mary is seriously a very talented seamstress to make that kind of a transformation. What a good friend!

  2. That dress IS perfect! You look absolutely gorgeous in it.

  3. you are absolutely adorable and precious. so happy for you, and so grateful for the grace that God has brought to your life!!

  4. hello, carolee!

    my name is maria, i am from moscow, russia, but i have been based in berlin, germany for the past 3 years. i came across your blog and enjoyed it immensely)

    your dream wedding dress is absolutely adorable!

    love your pregnancy-fruit-outfit project, too)

    i am 21 weeks pregnant myself, the baby is due in the middle of july. it is going to be the second one, and my first son was born on the day of your wedding - 5th of september 2009! he was due much earlier, though - be prepared to such things)

    so, just once more - i like your style very much, and i wish you a relaxed pregnancy, a smooth delivery and health both to you and your baby))

  5. Oh Carolee I LOVED this! Your sweet story made me happy...with heart breaking struggles, you found your prince charming!! :) And watching the adorable video, I got butterflies when he got on his knee <3 that video is a treasure, your kids will want to watch over and over! And your DRESS!!! love the T length and the 3/4 sleeves...perfectly classy :)

  6. I am in love with your wedding dress -- what a huge difference a couple of years makes! I know if I had gotten married this year instead of a few years ago my dress would have been completely different. It is fun to see how much yours changed!

  7. You look beautiful!!! But the big questions is how did you get to size 4 from size 12. Any tips!