Tuesday, March 15, 2011

time for a vacation

well friends, it's that time... husband is having a spring break and we are running away for a much needed vacation.


so there will be a mild break in posts here for the remainder of the week as i rest and repose and soak in some much needed sunshine. but check here tomorrow (i will be doing a guest post on an awesome blog-check it out!!)

and now for a few fun photos. i'm part of an inspiring group of female film photographers. we meet together to discuss inspirations, to grow together, to support, to hang out, to eat... it's the ideal group. we give out assignments to just stretch our comfort zone and this week we decided that we were going to photograph motels. since i'm leaving for a vacation, i thought that these would be appropriate images to share.

shot with my contax 645 and kodak portra 400vc

have an awesome week!! baby bump and fruit pictures to be posted upon my return! this week a growth spurt has occurred- and i am bigger than ever! ;)


  1. Wow I think motels in the states are like no other. Nice photos.

    I can't wait to see BIG belly :) have a nice holiday.

  2. Just found your blog & love it already! I'm a beginning photographer myself, and find so much inspiration from your photos :)