Friday, March 25, 2011

uncle bit

i've posted before about how much i absolutely ADORE my sweet little niece. she's a total dream. so fun, sharp, smart, cute, sweet and loving- she's the total package. we can't seem to get enough of her and her momma. i'm so lucky to be part of such a great family.

little b loves her uncle bit (that's what she calls my husband). she loves him so much cause she knows that he cares so much for her. last night we knew that they were going to be here in utah county so we made a special stop just to see them. when we arrived at my inlaws, little b was in the bathroom with her mom. britton knocked on the door and said "brighton, guess who's here!?" and all we heard from the other end was a little girl and her over-joyed giggles. she was sooooooooo excited. she came out and gave us the biggest hugs and kisses. oh melt my heart.

so selfish me convinced her momma to come over for a sleepover and we all hung out well into the night. we played games and watched pushing daisies and ate toast and strawberries and cuddled. little b was such a trooper. but she got real tired and so britton picked her up and snuggled with her on the couch for a bit. "time for bed" he said. and so they tried to sleep. it was the cutest thing ever. i couldn't help but pull out the trusty camera phone and take a few shots.

soooooo cute. so so cute. seeing my husband be such an attentive and loving uncle makes me that much more excited to see him as a daddy.

and now for my favorite dialogue:

me: brighton, who is your favorite uncle?
brighton: UNCLE BIT!


  1. Oh that is so sweet. It is so special to have a little niece to watch grow and grow. I just had a sleepover with my 7 year old niece. We've been having special sleepovers since she was about 3 or so. Love it!

  2. Pushing Daisies! I loved that show.

    And I feel the same way about hubs...little kids come into his store and flock to him. It's adorable.

  3. too too darling :) It's amazing how much your love for him will grow more and more as you see him be a sweet father to your baby <3

    and "uncle bit", love it ;)