Monday, March 28, 2011

viva vacation in vegas

so spring break was up and coming and that meant time for a get-away. britton and i are in love with traveling. we just don't get to do it enough. so the week we spent away in vegas was sorely needed and super enjoyed.

we traveled with some really great friends. ben & emily have known my husband since way back when... elementary days maybe? they've been life-long friends. and as i've gotten to know them, it's been easy to see why. they're easily one of the most enjoyable couples to kick it with. needless to say, we all had a blast.

we kicked it pool-side, spent a considerable amount of time hot-tubbing (not me though... i just stuck my feet in, since little baby beckham wouldn't have liked to have been cooked in 100+ degree water), we bbq'd by the pool, we explored vegas, ate at the Paris buffet for breakfast, got to see the Blue Man Group, ate Pho with my brother and sister-in-law, caught up with the Hendricks... and even stopped by to see the NEON SIGN GRAVE YARD (stay tuned for photos from that excursion-to be posted tomorrow!). it was an awesome vacation.

ben & emily

@ the Paris buffet

some yummy drinks after PHO with my cool brother and his awesome wife

a really "americana" diner with nasty greasy food. will never eat here again! lol. but it looked cool.

and..... a sneak peek of what's in store for tomorrow's post... the neon sign graveyard.


  1. I always have thought about visiting Vegas because it is so close, but I never thought that there was anything fun for LDS people to do! Thanks for sharing some great, less risqué options :)

  2. Carolee,
    your pictures always intrigue me. they give me much enjoyment!!

  3. I love Vegas for fun short trips away. How nice that you guys are getting in some pre baby trips away. Love the photos that you captured, so full of color and texture.