Thursday, March 31, 2011

a wish list

i think it's a sign of preparing for parenthood... that i'm super hesitant to make many purchases for myself. i've got so much to get for this baby, how could i justify getting some of the things i want for me? with this in mind, i really premeditate each purchase. like REALLY premeditate it. here are some things that i'm still meditating upon. i obviously can't get them all at once, but eventually you will see a carolee equiped with all of the items listed below. not because i'm over-excessive... but because (in my premeditated state) i've realized they're not just wants but necessities.

item # 1: an OH SNAP t-shirt.

photographer Mike Clark has come up with some incredibly fun photo t-shirt designs that i've just been dying over as of late. can you picture this t-shirt on a little boy in a onesie? oh dear! it's like a necessity NOW and my baby still has a few months to go before he could even think about wearing one. matching shirts. i might just have to get one for the mr. as well... i feel a family portrait session coming on! thanks mike! [to see other designs go here]

item # 2: the 'any' camera bag insert.

The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert at the Photojojo Store!
seriously folks... you'd probably be shocked if you saw that i have a tendency to carry my contax around in my purse. i'm almost embarrassed to write that on here. i have camera bags, but they're thinktanks and they are big. too big for an afternoon out on the town. and so the purse is the next best thing. this camera bag insert is definitely a necessity! found here.

item # 3: an underwater film camera

Buy the Reusable Underwater Camera at the Photojojo Store!

seriously, what more needs to be said about this?! besides the fact that summer is just around the corner....

item # 4: a custom camera-strap cover

my camera strap is boring. sure would benefit from a little love and color to spice things up. i would need a customized strap cover, just to make sure it fit properly- but here's where i found the above picture.

item # 5: summer sseko sandals

i was first introduced to these sandals on one of my new favorite blogs, dear baby. a super-cute momma and momma-to-be had a giveaway. no, i didn't win... but i still want my own pair bad.

maybe i'm putting this out there since my birthday just so happens to be around the corner... maybe i'm wishing out-loud for some incredible things this year... maybe not ;). at any rate, gift or no gift the items above are just so much FUN.

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