Friday, April 29, 2011

hill family- utah family photography session

such a cute family and an afternoon in the park. :) photographing these little guys got me real excited to meet my own little boy. little boys are the cutest!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

spring special- utah photography

Hurry fast to book your SPECIAL SPRING SESSION! See the flier for all the particulars. :) Can't wait to photograph your family this spring!

art for baby boy beckham

A couple of months ago some really great friends of mine from the good ol' college days participated in kickstarter to raise needed funds for a music video. Their kickstarter project was a total success! I am so excited to see their video (which hasn't yet been released). Laura and John are an incredibly fun couple. Laura lived next door to me my last year at school and we instantly became friends. She was my stylist for ever (till they decided to move). John is a talented musician and artist.

Anyway, if you're familiar with how kickstarter works then you know that there are all kinds of fun perks for helping people out with their pledge goals. If you're new to kickstarter- check it out! It's a really cool way to raise needed money for all sorts of fun projects.

When I donated to John and Laura's cause, the awesome perk that I was most excited about was receiving one of John's custom paintings. He gave us a painting of a baby on a bed of angels wings. PRECIOUS. Thank you John!! :) It hangs in our living room and brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

25 weeks- aprox 13" inch ear of corn

Week 24, baby center said my little boy was the length of an ear of corn... but corn wasn't to be found in any of the stores so I opted to photograph a 12" pineapple. This week baby center said "rutabaga" but seriously- here in Utah, rutabagas are the size of turnips and that was week 16 or something. So, when I found a 13" ear of corn, I decided to photograph it after-all. :) In some of the photos I'm holding 2 ears, cause well... let's face it- my little guy has more meat on his bones now than just one ear of corn. He's really getting big!

Last night I had some crazy dreams about baby parts pushing out of my belly. Any of you ladies ever had dreams like that? I guess that is my subconscious's way of processing all the movements my baby makes on a daily basis. I swear, sometimes it feels like he's having his own little dance party in there. He's all over the place. I love it! In one of my dreams he was sticking his arm out of my side. Like... full baby arm exposed just hanging out there. In another his head was pushing through and I could see his whole profile. How funny.

Monday, April 25, 2011

a tribute to an incredible woman

I found out some heartbreaking news last night. On Saturday a good friend passed away in a car accident. She was 28. I know that death isn't the end of our existence and that is it so connected to life- but it is still hard to have it happen at such a young age and so suddenly.

Briana was a beautiful woman, a compassionate friend and an excellent midwife. It was with her that I witnessed my very first natural and home birth. I attribute a large part of my decision to have a midwife assisted birth to the experiences I had with Briana. May her family feel the love of the Lord at this difficult time of great loss.

Here are a few pictures which I had the privilege of taking while witnessing her care and concern during the birthing process:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

here's to a fabulous EASTER weekend!

I hope that your EASTER WEEKEND is filled with fun, love, wonderful moments, the creation of memories and the Spirit of Christ.

What fun traditions do you have to celebrate this wonderful time of year? My family gathers together to partake in a Passover Meal, equipped even with some bitter herbs, unleavened bread and grape juice. We hold this supper in celebration of the last Supper which the Savior had with his disciples prior to his crucifixion and resurrection. It's a nice reminder of the Lord and His sacrifice for each one of us. This year's event is particularly meaningful because my younger brother just returned home from spending a semester in Jerusalem. He brought with him wonderful experiences which he had in the Holy Land as well as meaningful gifts for each one of us. It was so unexpected to receive material things at the celebration of the greatest gift which we have ever received (that of Christ's life). My most favorite thing which he brought for us? A white baby blanket (think swaddling clothes) from Bethlehem. The blanket is beautiful! I cannot wait to wrap our beautiful son in such a precious gift.

Happy Easter to each one of you! (I'd love to hear your fun traditions!) Oh and please enjoy the following video. It's so beautiful.

Friday, April 22, 2011

pay it forward- take 2

So dear friends... while I'm over here musing over what kind of handmade goodness I can send your way (for those 5 of you who were randomly selected) A very good friend of mine went ahead and opened up the opportunity to participate in a similar activity- and in celebration of her 28th birthday nonetheless! She's fabulous- and if you didn't get selected to receive a nice little pay-it-forward from me, you might luck out and get it from her.

BTW, did I mention that she's totally skilled at photography and one of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with?! Happy Birthday Alisha!

Go HERE to join in on her pay-it-forward funness!

I took this picture once upon a time while out to lunch with Alisha and her beautiful kiddos :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

adam + shaila- a sneek peek at bridals

This super cute couple will tie the knot on MAY 7th, just around the corner. I have a more complete post of this awesome bridal session planned for closer to their wedding date. (don't want to spoil the surprise of her pretty dress before the big date!) But for now, here's just a fun little sneak peek... I LOVED the fun details of color and accessories that these two chose to incorporate! I mean, a windmill boutineer?! How fun is that?! :) Congrats to Adam and Shaila!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

utah birth photography special!

spring is in the air, trees are in full bloom, there's chicks and baby animals and all sorts of cute little things around! it's time for a birth story session! if you have a newborn, a 6 mo old, a toddler, or are due any day- don't wait! kids change so fast, contact me now to discuss the options available for your special spring time session!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the power of self

As an artist I continually strive to put myself in places that stretch the levels of my comfort; that cause me to grow and which provide opportunities for exposure. Shortly after starting this pregnancy series, I became aware of a contest through Artists Wanted which celebrated the power of self. Interestingly enough, the timing was perfect. Never before in my career as a documentary photographer had I so thoroughly documented myself. Never before had I thought myself worth documenting and worth sharing with the world. The positive response which I have received through this process has been so affirming. It truly has been such a blessing having so many wonderful comments from each one of you each week as I post the growth of my belly and baby. At times it's quite overwhelming- to be honest- to coordinate my clothes with the food like I do. I hope that the effort I go to in-order to create such captivating images is somewhat obvious. Regardless if it is or isn't, know that having such a purpose behind a personal project has truly helped me. Thank you for your support.

Now a word or two about Artists Wanted and this Power of Self competition...

The Power of Self is an international celebration of self-portraiture which is awarding a $2,500 People’s Choice Award and a Grand Prize package that includes a Gala Reception in New York City, an artist’s Q&A published on and One Year’s Worth of Cash and Exposure. It's not just a random contest. Artists Wanted is well known, respected, and a good avenue for artistic exposure. I have submitted a portfolio and would like for you to please take a moment to rate it. Out of the first 100 portfolios submitted, there are currently only 7 with total ratings higher than mine. I can't get noticed without your help! Please spread the word! THANK YOU! Feel free to please pass this link on to your friends and family members. And remember that voting can be done on a daily basis. Ultimately I would like to be the judge's choice, but since there is only one of those- doing all I can to get the people's choice is a good goal as well. I am so appreciative to all those of you who have helped thus far! Thank you!! Thank you!

As for the bun in my oven and his current progress- he is doing so well! The appointment with our midwife was today and it was great. I'm almost 25 weeks along, but am measuring 29. :) I guess that's what happens when you have a little body to begin with. His heartbeat is strong and he's sure a kicker! I'll be posting progress photos later this week. xoxo

Monday, April 18, 2011


april 6th, 2011
8lb 8 oz

a healthy, happy and beautiful little girl.

let's be honest- i love photographing new babies. :)

confessions & re-commitment


my back has begun to ache a little bit. i'm beginning to see only my toes when i look down at my feet. i make silly noises when i bend down to tie my shoes or reach to grab something. i had a box of chocolates that my parents gave me for my birthday and i ate the whole thing (except for 2 pieces that i gave to britton). i am not stretch-mark free, even though i rub good organic stuff on my belly and back every day. i feel like i have to pee every 20 minutes (maybe it's because i do). i only went to the gym 2x last week. i have a list of books that i've been meaning to read but have been stuck on "the road less traveled" for months now and still haven't gotten very far. it's getting really hard to be creative with the clothes in my closet. i have not made a single purchase for my baby, no clothes, no baby stuff yet. i am in serious need of a haircut but i just don't want to spend the money. i can't keep my desk clean and organized no matter how hard i try. and i just don't meditate as much as i need to.


i've started a food diary once again. i was so good about it at the beginning of this pregnancy, it's time once more to take care of my body and baby with 100% attention and focus. i'm making sure to drink more water. i had a "muscle-ripping" workout this morning (that's what my husband calls it). it felt good. so very good. i have planned out my workouts for the week, so that keeping them will be easier to do. i am loving the warmer weather and plan to mix up my physical routine with walks outside in the fresh air. i am going to limit my intake of refined sugar. just because i have a baby growing in my belly doesn't give me the excuse to eat whatever i want. it will go to my hips and stay there, and that's exactly where i don't want it to be. plus, my sweet little guy doesn't need all that stuff. i will actually finish the road less traveled within the week so that i can move on to the long list of pregnancy books that i want to read. i'm going to start researching and slowly making purchases to prepare for baby beckham. and i will set aside time to just ponder the silence of my mind as i mentally prepare and welcome my baby.

oh, i am far from perfect. thankfully my husband loves me and supports me as i take steps to become a better version of myself.

happy monday! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

24 weeks ALOHA

this week my baby has grown to be just over 12" in length. baby center compared him to an ear of corn. don't they know that corn is out of season though? so i opted for a pineapple.

it was a mighty yummy pineapple too! didn't even last a day. :) thanks baby! xoxo