Monday, April 11, 2011

23 weeks- baby butternut

EXACTLY 28 years ago this picture was taken of me:

I was only 4 days old. That was the 11th day of April, 1983.

NOW... exactly 28 years later I'm anticipating the arrival of my own little baby and I couldn't be more excited. I often day dream and wonder... what will he look like?

A week ago I posted a few pictures of my husband from when he was little. Here's one of my favorites again. I can't get over how cute this picture is. But this time, I'm sharing one of myself with all of you. This is from when I was in kindergarten.

At any rate, I'm determined that he's going to be the cutest thing ever. Maybe that's because I'm his momma... but well I just can't wait to kiss his little face.

This last week was my 23rd week carrying my little baby boy. I'm growing bigger and bigger every day (so it seems to me). It's noticable to kids now. I've had several continually pat my belly and ask "why my baby can't come out to play... why he's still inside?" And they've even tried to lift up my shirt to see him. Kids are SO CUTE.

Baby Center said that this week he measured the size of a large mango. The Bump said a papaya. Honestly, I couldn't find either of those in any produce section and so I opted for a BUTTERNUT SQUASH. It's 11.5" in length and just about 1 lb and so I figured it'd be spot on.

He sure is a growing boy!!

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  1. The bump is growing for sure! So cute!

  2. whatever he looks like I'm sure he's going to be an adorable little butternut!

  3. im loving your idea...i read about it on a cup of jo a few weeks ago
    and will be doing the same. thanks for the inspiration, my husband and i were wanting to do something like this :)
    i am giving you full credit on the idea. what a fun journey!

  4. carolee, you look amazing! i can't wait to see the cuteness of that baby boy! hope you are feeling as great as you look!

  5. This is great. I'm just shy of 16 weeks along and I put pictures up of the delicious fruit my baby is being compared to and someone sent me a link to your blog. You just outdid me times 1,000. But it's totally cool. I love love love it.

    Happy pregnancy!

  6. oh this is such a cute idea!! love it. and love the little kid pics too :)