Tuesday, April 5, 2011

an award for me?!

first of all i want to just say that i am so very grateful for every single one of you that visits my blog on a regular basis. it means SO VERY MUCH to me. i've got some really great things up and coming... things that will show you each how much you mean to me. stay tuned for the fun! one of the first things on the line-up are the baby bump photos from last week. i can't wait to post them! the other fun up-and-coming posts will be a surprise, but you won't want to miss out!

anyway, it's been a week or so since i was contacted by the lovely Felicity over at Simple & Elegant. She shared a "one lovely blog" award with me. thank you Felicity!!

so i suppose now it's my turn to highlight some lovely ladies and their fabulous blogs. these are blogs that share beautiful photos/ideas/inspirations/things i love!

some fabulous DYI ideas found here.

a super design-centered mom whose location of choice for the year is envious.

melt my heart baby ideas here.

beautiful baby-shower invitations here.

total inspirational post about how to prepare for a baby here.

a blogger with a beautiful perspective on life here.

SUCH a beautiful video. MELT MY HEART!

a blogger that knows beautiful color when she sees it. can't help but die over her posts.

an awesome perspective on success.

a super fun photo blog that even has me wondering HOW SHE DOES IT?!

a super talented and creative knitter and seamstress who also posts about yummy food from time to time. can't wait to make me some of this.

a baby-momma who is so stylish and cute and an inspiration when it comes to getting dressed each morning :)

an adorable lady who takes the prettiest of food pictures. i wish she lived closer so that we could be neighbors and friends and then she could share her food.

a super cute mom who is so good at reminding me how sweet life is.

a photographer who has such a beautiful eye and a beautiful soul.

and finally... a blog where i obsess over photographs and books and the like. yum.

so here's the deal... to each one of you lovely bloggers which i have mentioned- you have now officially been given the an award for your sweet blog. pass it forward. mention the receiving of the award and then choose 15 worthy blogs to pass it on to. :)


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  2. thanks for sharing! I love your blog and your photos. I want you to take our pictures someday!

  3. congrats to all the winners!

    And thanks for the links - I found some new awesome blogs to stalk! I mean, follow. ;)

  4. oh thanks so much you are so sweet! YOUR photos are the ones that are amazing!! thanks again!

  5. Awesome! congrats on the award! love, love your blog! i'm a new reader (and new mom!) and love your pregnancy update pics!

    Brittany "The Blabbery" via http://www.brittanyncox.com

  6. Gosh Carolee, I'm blushing. Thanks for thinking of me!

  7. Thanks Carolee, I will share the love. I also agree with Christine above, happy to have some new blogs to stalk...er...follow.

  8. wow!! you made my day!! thank you Carolee!! xo

  9. thanks so much!! i absolutely love your blog too...and your bump is looking beautiful :)

  10. seriously you're the sweetest! Thanks so much Carolee :) And I'm excited to check out the other lovely blogs you mentioned :)