Saturday, April 2, 2011

coming unto CHRIST

Weekends are for a lot of things: for fun, relaxation, joy, time with loved ones and friends, reflection, church, service etc... but the first weekends in April and October are always set aside for General Conference.

My favorite part about listening to 8 hours of talks (4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday) is that they all invite me to come closer to Christ. My testimony of His love and gospel grows and is strengthened. I have the fondest memories of watching conference my whole life. When i was younger, I didn't quite understand why my parents wouldn't let me play with the neighborhood kids on Saturday (playing with other children was never an option on Sunday, being the Sabbath); why I had to stay inside and listen to old men and women talk. But I grew to love what I heard. I loved how I felt. The Savior's love touched my heart at a very young age and continues to do so.

I know that I don't blog regularly about my faith, but I can't help but share that I love the Lord and am grateful for all that he has blessed me with. I'm happier when I'm serving. My relationship with my husband is more fulfilling because we pray together, read our scriptures together, share our beliefs, support one another, and welcome the spirit into our home. We're definitely not perfect, but in our attempt to be more like our Savior, we are strengthened as a couple. [BTW... his birthday yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day!]

And so, with that... I am going to give my 100% attention to the wonderful and inspired men and women of God who have prepared messages for the members of my faith and the world.

My dear lovely readers, I hope that you all will have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend! I know that I will :). I look forward to coming back to you on Monday, after this much anticipated and looked-forward to weekend of spiritual inspiration! xoxo

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  1. I hope that YOU have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend :) Have an awesome time!