Monday, April 18, 2011

confessions & re-commitment


my back has begun to ache a little bit. i'm beginning to see only my toes when i look down at my feet. i make silly noises when i bend down to tie my shoes or reach to grab something. i had a box of chocolates that my parents gave me for my birthday and i ate the whole thing (except for 2 pieces that i gave to britton). i am not stretch-mark free, even though i rub good organic stuff on my belly and back every day. i feel like i have to pee every 20 minutes (maybe it's because i do). i only went to the gym 2x last week. i have a list of books that i've been meaning to read but have been stuck on "the road less traveled" for months now and still haven't gotten very far. it's getting really hard to be creative with the clothes in my closet. i have not made a single purchase for my baby, no clothes, no baby stuff yet. i am in serious need of a haircut but i just don't want to spend the money. i can't keep my desk clean and organized no matter how hard i try. and i just don't meditate as much as i need to.


i've started a food diary once again. i was so good about it at the beginning of this pregnancy, it's time once more to take care of my body and baby with 100% attention and focus. i'm making sure to drink more water. i had a "muscle-ripping" workout this morning (that's what my husband calls it). it felt good. so very good. i have planned out my workouts for the week, so that keeping them will be easier to do. i am loving the warmer weather and plan to mix up my physical routine with walks outside in the fresh air. i am going to limit my intake of refined sugar. just because i have a baby growing in my belly doesn't give me the excuse to eat whatever i want. it will go to my hips and stay there, and that's exactly where i don't want it to be. plus, my sweet little guy doesn't need all that stuff. i will actually finish the road less traveled within the week so that i can move on to the long list of pregnancy books that i want to read. i'm going to start researching and slowly making purchases to prepare for baby beckham. and i will set aside time to just ponder the silence of my mind as i mentally prepare and welcome my baby.

oh, i am far from perfect. thankfully my husband loves me and supports me as i take steps to become a better version of myself.

happy monday! :)


  1. I always appreciate it when people are honest with their "short-comings." In my opinion, it makes them more beautiful, more approachable and more perfect. Good luck with all of your goals!

    Coffee & Inspiration

  2. You are awesome! Way to go you can do it!

  3. This is inspirational. As a preggo lady 16 weeks along who has slowly reduced her workouts and slowly increased her chocolate intake, I need to follow your lead. Way to be honest. Time for me to put down the Cadbury Egg and pick up the sports bras.


    PS: I hate Cadbury Eggs, but I thought it was a good example.