Wednesday, April 6, 2011


things that make me happy:

dove chocolate promises
the color orange
amber jewelry
anything citrus
orange dream machine from jamba juice
receiving packages in the mail
vintage dresses
scrambled eggs (with cheese)
homemade bread and jam
toasted peanut butter and honey sandwiches
kodak portra 400vc
time out with my girls (you know who you are)
talking photo
snuggling with britton
strawberry shortcake (the real kind... on shortcakes, not angel food cake)
my lady contax
pride and prejudice
fresh flowers
getting film developed
the smell of the darkroom
warm sunshine
grilled veggies
the list could go on and on.

one final thing i'd like to add to the list is time spent with Britton. he's so good to me. i took this picture last friday on his 29th birthday. he humored me and let me take a few portraits. mmmmm... i'm totally biased, but he's so easy on the eyes. i lucked out.


  1. amen to anything citrus, PB & honey sandwiches, snuggling with [hubby], and fresh flowers :) Great list...and fantastic photo of that handsome husband of yours :) Happy birthday to him!!

  2. Oh! I love lists like these. Soon you will add: chubby baby thighs, baby coos and sounds...etc etc.