Friday, April 1, 2011

happy birthday

honestly speaking, i really strongly dislike april fools day. i think it's pretty much pointless. it's not that i don't know how to joke around, it's just... well the kinds of things people pull on april fools day aren't the funniest types of jokes to me. like pretending to be engaged, or pregnant, or dead. there are certain things you just don't joke about. because those are things that people really want to support you in, and when it's a joke, to me it's almost as if the boy cried wolf. it's harder to trust things that are said afterwards. maybe i'm alone in feeling this way. but i really don't get kicks out of fooling people. [although, i do have to say that i wasn't always this way... there was that ONE time back in Paris where i sent an email out telling everyone i was engaged to a french man. lol. ok, so that was pretty funny. but also quite stupid.]

anyway, since my sweet lover BRITTON has come into my life, april 1st has taken on a whole new meaning. it's his birthday. yes, i married an april fools baby. and honestly, i couldn't be happier about it. he's the best thing ever. i know that he's not super excited about this birthday, since he's now only one year away from his 30's. but i'm so thrilled about it-not the age part, just the growing older together with me part. i know that i'm the luckiest girl alive to have found such an incredible companion. i won't bore you with mushy-gushy feelings here. just know that every day i thank the Lord that he has brought me to such a place as this. that He has approved of our union. and that He helped me make the best decision of my life. Britton is more than just my husband, he's my best friend, my biggest blessing. here's a tribute post all for him. i love you, baby.

i'm really hoping that our little boy will have his daddy's dimples.

some of you may find it funny that i choose to include this picture in this post, but there are several reasons why i did. for one- i love that my mother-in-law insisted that each one of her kids have a picture breastfeeding, so that they'd remember where they came from. i also love how supportive my husband is of my desire to have a natural birth and to breastfeed. i couldn't ask for more as a first-time mom. he's with me every step of the way.

i love how good he is at computers. he's got a natural intuition when it comes to them and his skills are so handy.

our dating days were filled with lots of fun... halloween 2008

murder mystery dinner

hiking... just to name a few

and then he proposed...

engagements taken by jill thomas.

we've been married now for 1 year and 7 months and it has been sublime. happy birthday to my best friend, my most favorite person ever, my sunshine. xoxo


  1. he was cute way back then, too.

    Gosh, I wish i would have thought to take a picture breastfeeding each of my kids (of course, it would have been a circus picture when i breastfed my boys!). I love the memory of that time with each of them.

  2. my wife is so lovely to me, thanks babe for this post!

  3. Your husband looks familiar....I'm guessing some sort of celebrity look alike.

  4. This is so sweet! And can I just say, that school "yearbook" photo is priceless. Amazing, really.


  5. 1. this is the most adorable post ever.
    2. you guys are SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!
    3. i'm sure your baby is going to be absolutely adorable.
    4. i'm with you on april fool's jokes. not a fan of the whole "mock engagement" thing. such a glorious letdown.

  6. you're definitely not alone. i've never been a fan of april fools day. okaaaay that black lace dress in your engagements is GORGEOUS. almost as gorgeous as you. you two make quite the adorable couple.