Saturday, April 23, 2011

here's to a fabulous EASTER weekend!

I hope that your EASTER WEEKEND is filled with fun, love, wonderful moments, the creation of memories and the Spirit of Christ.

What fun traditions do you have to celebrate this wonderful time of year? My family gathers together to partake in a Passover Meal, equipped even with some bitter herbs, unleavened bread and grape juice. We hold this supper in celebration of the last Supper which the Savior had with his disciples prior to his crucifixion and resurrection. It's a nice reminder of the Lord and His sacrifice for each one of us. This year's event is particularly meaningful because my younger brother just returned home from spending a semester in Jerusalem. He brought with him wonderful experiences which he had in the Holy Land as well as meaningful gifts for each one of us. It was so unexpected to receive material things at the celebration of the greatest gift which we have ever received (that of Christ's life). My most favorite thing which he brought for us? A white baby blanket (think swaddling clothes) from Bethlehem. The blanket is beautiful! I cannot wait to wrap our beautiful son in such a precious gift.

Happy Easter to each one of you! (I'd love to hear your fun traditions!) Oh and please enjoy the following video. It's so beautiful.

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  1. that is a most excellent video. the church does so well with those! i made realllly cute bunny cakes (posted!)