Friday, April 22, 2011

pay it forward- take 2

So dear friends... while I'm over here musing over what kind of handmade goodness I can send your way (for those 5 of you who were randomly selected) A very good friend of mine went ahead and opened up the opportunity to participate in a similar activity- and in celebration of her 28th birthday nonetheless! She's fabulous- and if you didn't get selected to receive a nice little pay-it-forward from me, you might luck out and get it from her.

BTW, did I mention that she's totally skilled at photography and one of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with?! Happy Birthday Alisha!

Go HERE to join in on her pay-it-forward funness!

I took this picture once upon a time while out to lunch with Alisha and her beautiful kiddos :)

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  1. Seriously, I am kind of obsessed with this photo. Have commented on it a million times, but it's the best.