Tuesday, April 12, 2011

photo tricks: through rose colored fabric

la vie en rose

in-camera tricks are the coolest. who says that you've got to have a computer with some high-tec software to get cool effects with your photos?! here's 2 photos. both taken with the same camera (lady contax 645) and shot one right after the other, on the same roll of film (kodak portra 400vc). one was taken just as is and for the second i covered the lens with a sheer pink/gold tinted cloth. i love how soft and dreamy it makes the image.

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  1. brilliant :) imagine the possibilies! think it would work on an iphone? ;)

    PS - her dress is amazing

  2. There are SO many cool things you can do without doing an post-processing work. Try using plastic wrap, or class with Vaseline on it... you get vibrant colors and rainbows when the sun hits it.

  3. Love that soft affect!! I am taking some photography classes right now and I love it!!!

  4. Carolee... that is just... neat.

  5. So cool! I want to try this on my little point and shoot camera.

  6. awesome camera trick. I wish I knew how to do things like this

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