Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the power of self

As an artist I continually strive to put myself in places that stretch the levels of my comfort; that cause me to grow and which provide opportunities for exposure. Shortly after starting this pregnancy series, I became aware of a contest through Artists Wanted which celebrated the power of self. Interestingly enough, the timing was perfect. Never before in my career as a documentary photographer had I so thoroughly documented myself. Never before had I thought myself worth documenting and worth sharing with the world. The positive response which I have received through this process has been so affirming. It truly has been such a blessing having so many wonderful comments from each one of you each week as I post the growth of my belly and baby. At times it's quite overwhelming- to be honest- to coordinate my clothes with the food like I do. I hope that the effort I go to in-order to create such captivating images is somewhat obvious. Regardless if it is or isn't, know that having such a purpose behind a personal project has truly helped me. Thank you for your support.

Now a word or two about Artists Wanted and this Power of Self competition...

The Power of Self is an international celebration of self-portraiture which is awarding a $2,500 People’s Choice Award and a Grand Prize package that includes a Gala Reception in New York City, an artist’s Q&A published on ARTINFO.com and One Year’s Worth of Cash and Exposure. It's not just a random contest. Artists Wanted is well known, respected, and a good avenue for artistic exposure. I have submitted a portfolio and would like for you to please take a moment to rate it. Out of the first 100 portfolios submitted, there are currently only 7 with total ratings higher than mine. I can't get noticed without your help! Please spread the word! THANK YOU! Feel free to please pass this link on to your friends and family members. And remember that voting can be done on a daily basis. Ultimately I would like to be the judge's choice, but since there is only one of those- doing all I can to get the people's choice is a good goal as well. I am so appreciative to all those of you who have helped thus far! Thank you!! Thank you!

As for the bun in my oven and his current progress- he is doing so well! The appointment with our midwife was today and it was great. I'm almost 25 weeks along, but am measuring 29. :) I guess that's what happens when you have a little body to begin with. His heartbeat is strong and he's sure a kicker! I'll be posting progress photos later this week. xoxo


  1. I rated you!! inspiring :) I know you've inspired me (and many others) to get creative with capturing/journaling our pregnancies! And your beauty, in and out, radiates in your photos :) Good luck with this Carolee!!