Thursday, April 14, 2011

video blog series introduction

this is something that i've been meaning to do for MONTHS now. and finally... (with the help of my sweetheart) you have your very first video blog. don't want to bore you with unnecessary chatter here, since i do most of that in this little video clip. but let it be known that on a weekly average i will be posting little videos about all things photography. have a particular question in mind? send it my way either via email or by commenting here on this post. and sooner or later your questions will be answered!

i'll be posting all the videos to my youtube channel, so feel free to subscribe!


  1. Wahoo!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I am taking a photography class right now and I love it!!

  2. what an great idea!! I know I'll be watching the videos! (can you have one that discusses different cameras...pros and cons of a few...I need any tips I can get because we'll hopefully be purchasing an SLR this summer...woohoo!)

    And you are absolutely lovely :)

  3. oh wow, exciting!!! I can't wait to hear your tips for taking better photos. I would like to more about choosing the right aperture and shutter speed. I can find the ones I am looking for when I have time to take a photo, but when it comes to taking a picture of my son, it's much harder! Also, a discussion on lenses would be great.
    Thank you lovely lady! xx

  4. Yay I am so excited about this! This may be too basic for your general audience but I would love to hear the pros/cons of some good "starter" cameras (Nikon or Canon? Olympus or Sony? etc.) for those of us who aren't professional photographers but still want to get good quality shots of everyday life. :)
    Oh and lighting tips are always much appreciated :)
    Whatever you do end up talking about I will be sure to tune in, I love your photography style! :)

  5. I agree w/Job and Rachael. What is a good starter camara? Thank you, can't wait to watch all your tips.