Wednesday, May 18, 2011

28 weeks- my own little chinese cabbage

last week i crossed into the realm of the third trimester... hitting 28 weeks. the appointment with my midwife went well. everything is in good order.

i can honestly say that my idea to do this food-comparison project has been quite the adventure. i have a new appreciation for all things grown :)

my little baby is a Chinese cabbage this week. he's so active. likes to roll around all the time. even hiccups a lot too.

we've been listening to bach together. and the beatles. my husband bought me one of these. it's been a fun thing to wear while working.

aprox 14.8" and 2.25 lbs:


  1. awww you look so great! my baby girl use to get hiccups in my belly all the time and she still does. the doctor says if your baby had lots of hiccups in the womb then he/she will continue to have them just as frequently outside of the womb. not much longer left! how exciting!

  2. okay you are just the cutest lil pregnant lady ever. time is flying by and i remember when you were just holding a baby lemon! yay!

  3. Awe, you've bloomed since your last belly shot! I liked 28 weeks. You get to have a nice size belly but aren't too burdened by it yet. Baby is viable if born early (something my maternity nurse mind goes to!). Enjoy all the baby wiggles. It is truly the best!

  4. what a sweet baby cabbage you have ;) And I'm glad you've been listening to some good tunes with him! "A Child's Prayer" is such a sweet CD full of beautiful lullaby-ish primary songs that I got from Deseret Book...just a tip :)

    PS - the detailing on that shirt is fan-tastic.

  5. thanks ladies for your sweet sweet words. :) i appreciate them and so does the little bun in my oven.


    big hugs to you friend! we're BOTH going to rock our births! i am SO excited for you! <3

  7. oh my i need that lullabelly in my life!
    you look gorgeous, isnt it amazing looking at a fruit/ veggie knowing that your baby is growing big and healthy :)

  8. i love coming to see how you've grown! (I am pregnant myself and love to compare bumps...especially since im pregnant with my 3rd and im i swear to you i am huge already at only 6 weeks!)

    I am your newest follower! :)