Friday, May 27, 2011

forever yours

this might be cheesy, but when i saw this work on the side of a building, i couldn't help but smile. when my sweetheart proposed, he had inscribed a beautiful message on the inside of my engagement ring: "Greater Love Hath No Man"

when i picked out his ring, i felt the need to inscribe something for him as well. my choice? "Forever Yours"

this tattoo parlor thought it was a good approach to life. but in all reality, when you get a tattoo or get married- it does signify the biggest commitment ever. can't erase ink on skin.

other updates:

baby beckham is growing! appointment with midwife went well this week. have merged into the final trimester and so will be seeing my midwife every 2 weeks. excited. i'm enjoying all the movement that my little guy makes, and sometimes i feel like this.

i'm dreaming of days when i can relax in beautiful spaces like this one. (first seen here)

oh the creativity here, just makes me smile!

super inspired by this comparison.

the life-story of this woman INSPIRES me beyond all belief to just keep on taking pictures.

have continued the preparation process for baby's arrival into this world and am LOVING these classes.

just by way of announcement, you may notice that my posts have not been as frequent. this is due to the focused attention i am trying to give to my baby and to the remainder of my pregnancy. i will still be posting, just not daily and you will still get more baby bump updates. so stay tuned :) exciting times ahead! eventually i will decide on a name for my little one too... i'm still so undecided. anyone of you ever had a hard time actually committing to a name for your bebe?


  1. I'm dying over that outdoor space. Wowza! Wonder if I could pull all my resources together to get our Sat night looking like that. Nope. No, I cannot. Bummer.

  2. We didn't pick 1 name, we had a short list of names and wanted to wait till the birth of our baby to choose the name based on who we thought he looked like. We also didn't know boy or girl. It was exciting! As soon as my son was born, we both looked at him and both said the name we thought he looked like. Benjamin! Luckily we both agreed on it. It was such a sweet sweet moment. One of my favour post birth moments for sure.