Wednesday, May 4, 2011

happy birthday little b!!! 3 yrs old

my sweet beautiful little niece :)


  1. awww - she rocks the piggy tails! :)

  2. oh what a sweetheart!! happy birthday to her! :) And I want every bit of her outfit in my size =)

    what lovely photos Carolee! I'm sure her parents treasure them :)

  3. She makes three look like so much fun! Right down to the painted toe nails. Oh so sweet!

  4. shannon- thanks! the piggy tails aren't the only thing that she rocks!! she's such a fun little girl!

    haley- i know, right?! her momma always does such a cute job picking out clothes for her. she's such a little doll!

    m.i.t.c.- oh to be three, right?! :)