Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

photograph by christine olson

my mom is so dear to me. she's the greatest friend i've ever had and has loved and supported me my entire life. this tribute is to her. thank you mom for being such a wonderful example of love. i love you. i am excited to become a mother just like you. i am the woman i am today because of you. thank you. happy mother's day!

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  1. "you've always given me wings to fly, and I'm grateful for it"...President and Sister Hinckley are just the sweetest :) LOVED that video! Thank you for sharing :)

    What wonderful women we have in our lives.

    You and your mom are stunning in that photo!! What a wonderful memory captured :) And Happy Mother's Day to you Carolee! Next year you'll have 2 men to celebrate it with you :)