Friday, May 13, 2011

lizzy house 1001 peeps

dang blogger being down for the past few days has prevented me from posting this :P ugh. oh well... i'm excited to share with all of you something AWESOME.

lizzy house is amazing. she designs fabric. makes books. AND quilts (among so many other things). i had the privileged of photographing some of her recent quilts for her fabric line 1001 peeps. seriously, some of the most beautiful quilts and fabric-ever! so if you like to quilt or know someone who does- you really need to get your hand on one of these beauties!! go here to find out more.

but for now.. here's a sneak peek at the photos i took (laid out in book format) for her new quilting/pattern/fabric book.


  1. I do love to quilt. and I do love your photos! Even more so now that I am taking an intro photography class!

  2. Cindy- you've been taking a photo class?! That's awesome!!!