Tuesday, May 24, 2011

for the dreamers

as an artist i love to appreciate others talents. it's really thrilling to see people succeed at their dream.

when i was in highschool i dreamt of one day having a gallery exhibit my photographs. i dreamt of publishing my work in a high-quality photo book. i dreamt of so many things. some i've already achieved (like the gallery exhibit one) some i still have yet to achieve (like more gallery exhibits and the book deal). but i believe in dreaming. and i believe in hard work.

here's a video of some dreamers. and frankly it rocks! original song and a music video brought about through a kickstarter project.

so check it out. sit back and totally enjoy. the music is awesome in all its originality. the dance moves are off the charts. and i especially am a fan of the dancing baby. :)


  1. i have no doubt you'll get an exhibit one day full of your fabulous photos :)

    how awesome is that video!? :) totally dig that baby's moves...and his white sweat suit :)

  2. hahaha that video was hilarious. my brother dances like that.... as does my husband. HA! :)

  3. these guys were in my married student ward a few years ago! too funny