Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i love when trees blossom and birds sing.

we have a lilac bush right out my front door. it smells so good.

utah is really pretty at this time of year.

spring makes me really excited for summer.

i'm really lucky to be able to see this building every day, since i live right near to it. the grounds are so pretty and well-kept.

i LOVE how the stores are filled with strawberries this time of year.

what are some of your favorite things about spring?


  1. Lilac is my favorite! Where I live its too hot for it to grow though. One my current favorite spring things is rain. I suppose I figure when it rains more will grow. I also really love all the dog wood and magnolias that grow during this time.

  2. Favorite things about Spring: extra sunlight, everything turning green, people seem happier and more peppy, ha! The fact we can start breaking out flippy floppies and tank tops..oh soo many things, Spring is beautiful and much awaited in AK after the long cold dark winter! :)

  3. These pictures make me miss Utah so much. We were married in the Mt. Timp temple and I wish we were there to see the trees blossoming during this time of year. My favorite thing about Spring: the smell after it rains. The world seems so much more clean and fresh!

  4. I grew up in a house that had lilac bushes outside of my bedroom window. I kept my bed by the window so the lilac breeze would drift over me as I slept.

  5. those flowers ARE gorgeous...

    I love the spring air and the smells that accompany it..