Thursday, May 19, 2011

summer is for gardening

my mom has a green thumb like it's nobody's business but her own. i have a lot of things to learn... i'm looking forward to gardening with her this summer.

as i prepare to welcome my own little baby into this world, i can't help but be grateful that my mom is so near. there's so many things that i want to know that i need to ask her... so many things that i need her help with. i'm just so grateful that she's still around to answer my questions and be my friend.

she's recently started a blog about life and the importance of making proper investments. she's one smart lady. check out what she's got to say here.

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  1. loved this photos of your mom! fantastic images! I love how she has a measuring tape on her pocket :) getting all her seeds & plants all lined up I'm sure!! I'm excited to see the photos you get of your gardening experience with her.

    And how wonderful that she lives so close. truly a blessing :) And can I just share that the times that she helped me with new born baby Brooks were some of the MOST cherished memories we've had together :) So excited for you to have your little one!