Thursday, June 30, 2011

not fun to say goodbye

on saturday some really good friends of ours had a going away bbq. they're moving. and honestly, i'm not very happy about it. it's lame when good friends move far away. especially since julie is also expecting! ugh. how fun would it have been to have baby play dates?! sooooooo fun!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

34 weeks and a cantaloupe

first i need to start off with a confession. week 33 we were on a babymoon in vegas and i failed to find the time to photograph that week's fruit :( so there will not be a post for week 33.

now that that's out there, here's week 34- baby sure is growing!! i feel larger and larger every day. about normal, eh? this week he's 4.75lbs (aprox) and 18 inches!! no wonder i feel him move all day long!

the following photos were taken at our baby celebration garden party which was hosted by one of my best friends this last weekend. trust me- MORE photos of this beautiful event to come soon! it was the best baby shower ever. (men were included!) i'm actually still on a high from how perfect and beautiful the evening was. BEST BABY CELEBRATION EVER!

anyway, for now, enjoy week 34!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

32 weeks- baby bump update

so i'm really excited for today. it's going to be full of celebration. i'm lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love and care for us and who are thrilled that we're having a baby. i've actually got two groups of people wanting to shower us with this love. the first is a wonderful group of ladies from church. the second, my most favorite friends. i can't wait for both of our baby celebrations to commence. full-documentation will happen and pictures will be shared!

for now though, it's about time i update you all on the baby bump progress. these pictures are from a few weeks ago. (i'm currently at 34 weeks and some change- but the pictures from 33 and 34 weeks have yet to be developed, so they will have to wait till a later date to be posted). for now though, here are some of my favorites from week 32.

at 32 weeks baby was aprox 3.75 lbs and 16.7" in length. websites all over said he was things like a jicama or eggplant, but i thought that it would be fun to really show the difference in his growth by holding a basket of apples equivalent to his weight. (back at the beginning there was a week when he was the size of just one single apple) kinda fun to compare, eh?

the dress is from a vintage shop in slc called Decades. i bought it pre-pregnancy and fortunately for me, it's been one i've still enjoyed wearing. it's the best on a warm summer day. so light and breezy!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

why i love film

some of the reasons i love film include:

it forces me to slow down and really look for the right moment to capture.
it doesn't provide me with instant access to images that i can filter through, i have to be patient and wait for it.
it requires that i know what i'm doing so that it's done right.

this video, although about life in general, sums up a large part of how i feel when i take the time to capture the truly beautiful moments in my life.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

time for a babymoon

just before i left for paris, amelie had come out. it's such a beautiful film. i loved everything about it. naturally, i had to see all the sites. my brother and i went around one day and checked out everything from the film. we even took pictures in one of the train station photo booths. this is the picture that i took of myself then :)

i've always loved going on adventures. fortunately for me, i married a man that loves to travel just as much as i do.

a few weeks ago, he said he was in some serious need of a vacation. i'm always in need of one! and so we are departing today for a little mini babymoon. we're not going very far. just a little drive away to the city that never seems to sleep (vegas baby!) but i'm so excited! we've got some serious funness planned!

enjoy your weekend! i KNOW i will!!

a few more of paris

ok... so i can't help but want to share a few more pictures from my time in paris. :) all of the pictures on this post were taken with a 35mm nikon, all film.


cobblestones, 2004

le foot, 2004

seine, 2004

deviation, 2004

the gap, 2004

le cafe, 2004

mont st michel, 2004

angelinas, 2004

accordion, 2004

amboise, 2004

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

paris on film

as promised, here are a few more shots from my time in paris

this multiple exposure was captured with a holga and shot on slide film, then crossed processed. it was captured at the Champs-Élysées during the chinese new year parade.

yet another holga image. this one was taken in front of the Musée Rodin.

i met this woman while she begged on steps not far from the Sacré-Coeur.

there's so much emotion when i look at this image. the blinding light as you exit the metro. it happens in really any city with an underground travel system. especially on a sunny day, the light hits you hard as you emerge from your travels.

yet another ode to sabrina. if you've seen the film you might recognize this location.

all of these photos were taken with my trusty HOLGA and were part of a 28-piece solo exhibit which hung in 2 different locations:

December 2004 - February 2005
The Provo Art Center

February 2005 - April 2005
Brigham Young University-Idaho, David O. McKay Library

the title of the exhibit was Love, Holga.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

je t'adore

do you ever have moments where you're reminded of experiences? reminded of something you went through once upon a time... reminded of how it shaped you? how it helped you find yourself?

today as i was thinking about this giveaway a flood of memories came back to me.

at the age of 20 i ran away to paris. i was able to be part of a program that took me there for an entire semester. as cliche as it may sound, i truly found myself in paris. (kinda like sabrina) my camera was my best friend and constant companion. it went EVERYWHERE with me. i took picture after picture and came home with literally hundreds of rolls of film to develop. i cataloged each roll at the end of every day and kept meticulous track of where i was as i photographed the city of love. i found myself as an artist there in that magical city.

i remember sitting by myself on the banks of the seine, writing poetry in my little sketch book, drawing pictures, people watching and eating chocolate. it was divine to say the least.

before i left for france, my older brother gave me one of the greatest gifts i've ever received. a handmade journal to document my journey. here are some excerpts from its pages:

this next page is quite entertaining... it chronicles my adventures as a 20-yr old in paris on VALENTINES DAY... and then shares a little bit of an experience i had while attending my art history class (held in the Louvre). read it. you'll be amused.

i literally have enough photos to constitute a book all about my travels in paris and europe. they were all shot with either my 35mm nikon or my holga. all strictly film. i really found my passion as i wandered the streets of paris. it was life-changing. over the course of the next few days i am going to use this space to share with you pictures from that time in my life. here's a teaser to just get the ball rolling:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cabbage patch kid and some navel oranges (weeks 29, 30, & 31)

yes, it's time again to share the progress of my baby bump. i'm now approaching my 32nd week of pregnancy. i've merged into the final trimester and it's all downhill from here, right? our birth classes are in full-swing and so is the bun in my oven. he's hiccups and moves all around. he is often a great source of amusement. i cannot wait to meet him!

week 29, he weighed approximately 2.5 lbs- about the size of a red cabbage.

week 30, he was over 15" in length and weighed .5 lbs more- closer to the size of a regular cabbage. around 3 lbs. when i went to the store to pick up the cabbage for the week i couldn't help but smile. i don't typically buy cabbages and they all reminded me of when i was little and played with cabbage patch kids. now i'm getting ready to have one of my own!

week 31, he's really hit a growth spurt! he's over 16" in length and weighs more than 3 lbs. i tried to carry 4 navel oranges and i kept on dropping them. it was tricky! honestly though, i often feel the same way about carrying this belly around. it just keeps on getting bigger :)

this last picture was one that my husband just wanted to take. sans oranges. just me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

birthday wishes to an inspiring lady

today is my mom's birthday.

here is a picture of her in the 4th grade. she's pretty cute, don't you think?

the closer i get to becoming a mother myself, the more grateful i am for my mom. i'm happy that she's still around to help me out. i've got so much to learn and honestly, my mother is an excellent source of wisdom. i've always enjoyed her insight and perspective. she's a fun lady. and a good friend.

i think i got lucky when she decided to get pregnant and be my mom. she's always been super selfless. there would be nights growing up that she'd come into my room and just talk to me and listen to all that i had to say. this really helped me as i grew and matured. i'm truly blessed. i hope to be able to be the same kind of mother to my children that she has been to me.

i sure love you mom! here's to you on your birthday.

the world of dreams

so i've been having crazy vivid dreams lately. and i remember so many of them. sometimes i wake up feeling elated, sometimes not so happy. dreams are interesting, don't you think? last night we watched this nova science episode all on dreams. it was pretty cool. i think i remember the dreams i'm having that occur in both rem sleep and non-rem sleep because of how often i wake up throughout the night now- due to the growing and VERY active human inside my body.

last night i dreamt about my dog Pele. it may be the pregnancy hormones, but i have a hard time not crying when i think of him and how much i miss him. like seriously people... did you ever have a pet that you totally loved? for 16 years of my life, pele was an important part. at the end of his life, as he really began to deteriorate- i was the one who took him to the vet, who sat on the floor with him while he was hooked up to iv's because his fluids were low. i made him homemade dog food so that he'd have some important nutrients as his body aged. i was there as he slowly gave up on eating all together and passed away. and then we buried him in the backyard, under the boy sculpture on the bench. he's still there to this day and i miss him terribly.

in my dream last night, i started petting this dog and it was so well behaved. i looked down and saw that it was a sheltie- and i knew that's why it was such a good dog! then the light clicked on and it was pele and we played and played. i was amazed at how great he looked. i had missed him so! this may seem like a silly thing to say, but he's one of the first things i want to see when i get to heaven. and yes, i do believe that "dogs go to heaven" - if not all of them, than definitely pele. his mom, princess, was also in my dream. she was such a good dog too. see... she was ours and we bred her and then we hand-picked pele out of her last litter. he was my puppy from the very very beginning.

i may or may not have shed a few tears while writing this post. hey, what can i say- i'm pregnant.

this is a picture that i took in his later years. he was so beautiful.

RIP my sweet puppy. i miss you.

Friday, June 3, 2011


i'm behind on posting baby bump photos... not because they haven't been taken, but because the film hasn't been developed... yet. but the bun in my oven isn't that little anymore. chances are high that you will get a combined post sometime next week from the past few weeks. i hope you're all excited for it!

he moves around ALL the time. watching my belly dance is one of my most favorite things to do. i just sit there and my little guy already makes me laugh. is it weird that i totally feel like he's got an entertaining little personality already? i feel deep inside (literally... haha) that there will be many days ahead where he will just make me laugh and laugh. i'm really looking forward to it. did your baby's movements make you just want to laugh out loud? cause i find myself laughing at him all the time. we hang out. he's my little buddy. he goes everywhere i go and i'm pretty convinced that he likes the same things i like. take photography for example... i think he's pretty good friends with my cameras. he likes it when they hang around.

i think i'm getting to the point where i just look uncomfortable. not that i always am... but yesterday when i was at good earth, waiting in line to check out with my prenatal vitamins and quinoa, a nice man at the front of the line asked me if i wanted to go in front of him. there were other people behind him too. it took me back for a minute and i politely declined. i didn't mind waiting there for a few minutes more and just because i'm growing a human doesn't mean that i can't wait my turn. but his chivalry made me smile and wonder... how uncomfortable do i really look? it's nice that there are people willing to do kind things in this world. it makes a difference in lives (mine included).

as time draws nearer i'm more and more excited to meet my little baby. i spent a good amount of time registering for all kinds of baby goodness. check it out here. what did you feel was a necessity for your baby registry?

well, that's all for this friday post. strictly words. just thoughts. feelings. experiences. no photos for today. have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

day at the salon

i love days at the salon... getting my hair done. pedicures. manicures. anything really. don't you just love the way your hair smells and feels after you've been see your stylist? i do. i think it's about time to pay another visit. especially since my roots are officially in big time and i can't reach my toes to paint them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


minutes ago i had the pleasure of reading these beautiful words from a blog which was just introduced to me by a good friend of mine, who is also an exceptional photographer. each and every word struck me deep to my core. i couldn't help but want to share the beautifully written thoughts and so i have included them in this post. in no way am i copying what she's saying and claiming it as my own. instead, i'm soaking in the sunshine her words bring to my soul as i find in them a common belief and perspective. elizabeth messina has long been a photographer which i have admired. and if you are not aware of who she is, it's about time you check her out. for now though, i hope that you will stay a few moments and really devour every word that she has to offer as she discusses the concept of copyright and identity as a photographer. if her words here were a drink, they'd be a nice refreshing and endless nojito on a perfectly sunny day.

"as we meander along our journey in life, camera in hand….the road twisting & turning…we, as photographers, learning our craft & nurturing our creativity, and learning the value of our images….somewhere along the way as we honor & maintain the ever important “copyright” to our photographs….there is a little tiny problem….”copyright” does not mean “copycat”….so i implore you, especially young photographers, trust in yourself & your own vision…it is the one thing absolutely unique & special to you…in a world full of “inspiration” & “ideas” i imagine there is a certain allure to aspire to create images that are reminiscent of ones we’ve seen & been moved by….in fact, in the spirit of full disclosure, when i began my journey as a photographer, i was mesmerized by SALLY MANN’s work…it spoke to my soul…it moved in ways i had no language to describe…my sister gave me the book IMMEDIATE FAMILY (if you have not seen this book, you must…its wonderful)….the book is full of SALLY MANN’s photographs of her three children…..i would say her work has influenced me greatly….although i too now am the mother of three children (i swear i didn’t mean to “copy” SALLY MANN on that) & i love, as many of you know, to photograph my children….i suppose i understand more now how poignant SALLY MANN’s images are….how being a mother changes you in ways that are ever-changing & beyond the scope of any human language…when i photograph my children i am drawn to the unique & special beauty they each possess….i capture what is in front of me…what they reveal to me…it is an awkward dance of caught moments & missed moments, crowns & birthday cakes, it’s our life…so yes, i was touched by SALLY MANN’s images of her life….i have never tried to “copy” a specific images of hers….what would be the point?? the beauty of an image lies somewhere between a proper exposure & some modicum of authenticity….my point is, don’t try to copy another person’s work….everyone knows….and the saddest part about it, is that you are missing the most amazing opportunity to create special meaningful images…each human, each photographer has something special to offer, if you are “copying” others, you never really discover or reveal what is special and amazing about yourself….i do believe in inspiring each other…and let’s face it, it’s not like we can re-invent the wheel….there will always be overlaps & similarities between photographers & their work…but really when you outright “copy” another photographer you are only making yourself look bad…& truly missing the point, because you were probably drawn to the amazing image you are trying to copy because if felt authentic in some way…& the minute you copy it, you have lost any sense of authenticity….art is in your heart…so instead of looking outside, try looking inward…you might be surprised how much inspired beauty you will find inside…xoxo"

thank you thank you thank you elizabeth messina for the words of inspiration today.

beautiful moments

i love capturing moments where everything happens just like it should- the lighting, the expression, the location, the subject. it's exhilarating and one of my most favorite things about being a photographer. :)

shot the above image with my contax 645 on delta 100